See how Talview is a one-step solution to all your needs

You are endlessly approving job fairs and campus drives, constantly in an argument with the board members why it's you are not able to hire enough people on time for a new project or line of business. But it’s an open secret that your are limited in your ability to reach out to candidates - the board members know it too.

There are umpteen advisors out there who’ll tell you how to improve hiring, they are also likely going to list a number of things for you to implement in the recruitment process like:

  • Using Recruitment Agencies
  • Investing in an expensive job portal/professional network
  • Spending more on employer branding advertisements

However all of these are expensive and is going to affect your bottom line further. Also you’ll have to change your current hiring strategies - call your recruiters for a meeting and ask them to do a research on how you could implement all this. Too much hassle?

You could do it in under three steps without affecting the cost structure in your hiring process.

Wouldn’t it be better to tap into a fresh pool of candidates without setting up job fairs?

  • Online Proctored Assessments and Interviews allow you to reach candidates from Tier 2, 3, who might not come to you otherwise. This will help you reduce attrition as you have more options to choose from, meaning low employee turnover.
  • Automation of routine tasks ensures you can hire 3X number of candidates using the same resources that incurs similar cost.
  • Seamless hiring process over a smartphone ensures better candidate experience and in turn establishes better offer conversion.
  • Positions are closed faster with video interview platform’s ability to automate all routine tasks of a recruiter.

High employee turnover doesn’t have to be the norm for call centers. Moreover, fostering a healthy, happy, and productive company culture will most definitely help with increasing your call center’s employee retention.

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