New to Talview?

You can attend a Practice Assessment by downloading the mobile app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) and using the Demo Interview option.

You can understand the process by watching these videos: Asynchrounous Interview  | MCQ Test  | Essay Exam

Talview is an online video interview platform which supports various forms of assessments:

  • Automated Video - Candidate can record their video response to a set of questions pre-defined by the recruiters
  • Live Interviews - Panel and candidate meet online at a scheduled time similar to a video conference
  • Written Assessment - Candidate can take MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) tests, essay exams and typing speed online while being proctored in video
  • Code Evaluation - Candidate can take a programming test online while being proctored by video

You can attend the assessment using a computer or a smartphone with a front facing camera.

If you are using a computer you need the following:

  • An average speed Internet (minimum 256 kbps dedicated) connection.
  • Internet Browser with latest version of Flash Player installed. All major browsers are supported. No softwares need to be downloaded.
  • A working webcam that can record video.
  • A good quality microphone ; inbuilt mic in laptop can be used but do not use mobile phone mic.
  • All other application running on your computer that might interfere with the ongoing assessment must be closed.
If you are using a smartphone you need to download the application from Android Play Store or iOS App Store. You cannot use the link given to attend the test via internet browser through smartphone. At present, the smartphone applications only supports Asynchronous or Automated Video Interviews and Video Proctored Objective Test. If you get a 'Not Supported" message on entering the verification code in the mobile application and you have been specifically instructed by the prospective employer that the assessment is an essay or code test, you must use a laptop or desktop computer.

Candidates must make sure to test their system prior to the first question for unexpected errors and email a request to conduct the interview again.A plain wall with sufficient lighting for better recording. Candidates can cancel the video interview only in case of a technical error. Ensure that you complete it in advance to avoid last minutes technical snags.
Unfortunately a computer with the latest version of Flash Player installed and a webcam are required in order to take an Talview Interview. You can write to us at or call us on +91-80-67414716, we can guide you to the nearest Internet Café. Alternatively we can contact your organization and inform them to arrange alternative Interview methods for you. The mobile applications only support Asynchronous or Automated Video Interviews and Video Proctored Objective Test. If you get a 'Not Supported" message on entering the verification code in the mobile application or you have been specifically instructed by the prospective employer that the assessment is to write an essay or a code test, you need to use a laptop or desktop computer for the same.
We do not require extremely high quality resolution. However, if the image / video generated is pixelated please do not use the same.
You could start with preparing a good setting, ensure that the light is sufficient and there are no disturbances. Maintaining eye contact with the camera; this will ensure the illusion of eye contact with the potential interviewer. If you are using a smartphone please ensure that you hold the smartphone at eye level. Please hold the phone still for a seamless interview session.
You could verify your Internet connection speed at various websites dedicated for this task. Here's a link you could use: Talview works on lower bandwidth also, however it will take more time to upload and complete your Online Interview.
Yes, however you will have to go through the practice Interview again.
As long as you have clicked on the "Finished" button after every question, the answers are safe with us. If the interview is disrupted midway through the recording, you might have to start over that question again.
It depends on your internet connection. It would not take more than 2-3 minutes to upload your answers. You can view the progress of upload by looking at the green bar in your response screen.
You will be redirected to the next question only after the current answer has been uploaded. You will see a "Thank You" message at the end of all the questions.
Yes, you can use your smartphone or iPhone to record the interview. Please find Talview's mobile application on
Google Play | App Store.
No. To maintain the integrity of video interview technique, the questions are not released in advance.
You can stop the timer if you have answered a question before the timer ends.
No, you cannot answer the same question again.
You'll have three seconds before the next question appears.
Yes. The timer time allotted for Asynchronous is for each question, while for Multiple Choice Questions it is the the time allotted is for the entire section.
Live interviews are conducted as per the availability of the Recruiter. Candidates will be informed about the same.
You can use the same Android or iOS application for Automated Interview and Written Assessment (only MCQ test). However, for Live Interview you need to use a different application, 'Talview Live' which is currently available only on Android.