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backend developer

Backend Developer


Job Description

Who are we looking for?

As a backend developer, you will build and take operational responsibility for the Talview platform and work with everything building services backed different data stores including PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, elasticsearch , swift and influxdb etc, work with multitude of internal and external APIs. You will architect, design, develop, deploy and operate microservices that serve millions of users,. You will also be responsible to monitor and improve the usage of the services you build, and work closely with Frontend, Devops and Customer Success teams.

We're looking for passionate, creative developers who are excited about solving new problems. We want to hire the right person wherever you are in the world. If you’re in Bangalore or interested in relocating to our office, you’ll enjoy working flexible working hours a fantastic development environment and opportunity to work with some of best minds.

We expect to see :

  • 3+ years of solid back-end experience with at least one of the following languages: PHP/Go/Python/JavaScript
  • Extensive knowledge of OOP, Design Patterns and SOLID Principles
  • Prior experience with unit, integration & functional testing, distributed architectures, applications tuning/profiling, and continuous integration are all highly valued
  • Experience in working on integrations with third party APIs/SDKs such as Active Directory / Outlook , OAuth, Google/Watson/Azure SDKs
  • Experience in SQL (PostgreSQL 9+ desirable) and the types of data stores including timeseries (tsbd/influxdb/prometheus), message queues ( rabbitMQ, beanstalkd), in-memory store (redis/memcached), full-text search ( Elasticsearch / lucene) , graphdb (Neo 4j), object storage ( s3/ swift / Azure blob) and real time databases ( Rethinkdb)
  • Additionally, any experience working with microservices is a plus

We would like to see (not mandatory):

  • An active Stack Overflow and Github profile
  • Any open source code or example projects that you're proud of
  • Experience in developing SaaS products with engaged user base
  • Any other evidence of your passion for building great software