Quality Hiring for Field

Hire Smarter with Talview!

Reshape your field sales hiring to ensure candidate quality. Talview helps organization to screen a lot more candidates than traditional method and also help them review candidate quality centrally before an offer is issued.

Please fill the form to learn how wockhardt Pharma has used Talview to re-engineer field sales hiring. Once you submit, you will recieve an email with the case study attached.

“Speed, Technology & Quality, that’s Talview. Today we use it for front-line recruitment, campus hiring and internal movement. Recruitment has now become more scientific and aligned.”

Sweta Jain, Head HR, Wockhardt

"With Talview, we have been able to narrow the search and call in the worthy ones for a face to face interaction. The tool is slick, easy-to-use and mighty useful.”

Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Cafe