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Instahiring: Speeding Time to Hire in a Talent-Squeezed World


Human resource and recruitment leaders are working to keep pace with changing tools and strategies to best invest time and money with methods that make the most sense for today’s roles and job candidates.

The Instahiring methodology offers a better candidate experience, which in turn enhances the company’s hiring profile and attracts the best workers.

Jose’s ebook, Instahiring: Speeding Time to Hire in a Talent-Squeezed World, proposes a new approach to create a more efficient hiring process that is positive for both current and future companies and jobseekers.  

In conversation with Vadim Liberman, Editor at ERE Media, Jose said, “It’s not about how much technology you use; it’s about finding the right tech that works for your organization in a digitized world.”  

Per Dr. Mark Munoz, Professor of Management at Millikin University, Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and former Advisor to the AI Initiative at Harvard University, “The convenience angle [of Instahiring] has a really strong appeal. Secondly, I like the fact that there are cost savings that are associated with it. And thirdly, it aids in the speed of the recruitment process and the ability to assess top-quality candidates, therefore improving the changes for a higher quality. These things make the [Instahiring] methodology very, very useful to the industry.”

Download your copy to learn how this new methodology can help you: 

  • Maximize remote hiring strategies 

  • Handle the squeeze on supply and demand for critical skills 

  • Improve hiring equity across racial, gender, sexual orientation, and economic lines 

  • Use advanced AI and automation to dramatically speed the hiring process by up to 70% 

  • And reduce the high cost of talent acquisition  

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