Enabling recruiters to find, interact, engage and choose the best talent

Engage with the Candidates

This Talent Engagement platform enables recruiters to send reminders and new job alerts using push notification on smartphones. It allows recruiters to send out any number of customized notification to suitable candidates regarding job listings and variegated alerts for a better candidate experience.

Talview also makes provision to reach out to specific candidates and follow up any application or offer in progress.

Candidate Personal Interaction

Candidates constantly receive new job alerts, they will attend interviews with multiple employers and receive several offers. It is imperative to engage interested candidates for a set job throughout the process; being connected on mobile is the best way to do it. This tool helps tackle the issue by allowing recruiters to chat with candidates on a one-on-one basis and being available at the click of a button. This ensures enhanced candidate experience and positively impact employer branding.

Virtual Group Interaction Sessions

Job descriptions might stir a few doubts in the candidate's mind, visuals clear any doubts as they work better than words. Recruiters can schedule an interactive video session to explain the profile to the candidates. This could be made available to a specific set or all candidates.

A chat box in the Interaction session platform helps recruiters communicate with the candidates. This can be used also for campus career fairs.

Recruitment Marketing

Requisition Management

  • Talview Candidate Relationship Management Platform allows recruiters to create openings online. Smartphones are the first point of contact for candidates and any openings companies create must be intimated to the candidate over mobile. Talview self-executes this to make the opening available on the mobile app along with the job microsite.

Showcase Company Profile

Candidates fish for a brand in his prospective employer, it is crucial for companies to vaunt to the candidates. Talview provides a profile for organizations, these could be used to showcase employer brand to prospective hire.

When visuals are combined with the best write-ups, visuals help to push home the message in the most powerful way. Talview enables companies to exhibit images or a video about themselves along with other crucial details like employee reviews, interview experience reviews etc on the mobile app, as per client requirements. This method also known as recruitment marketing allows organizations attract better candidates and create a quality talent pool.

Mobile Profile Builder

Talview builds a candidate profile based on simple questions for easy access of candidate’s requirement. Candidates are likely to update their professional requirement or status through a phone, Talview helps the candidate to connect multiple professional profiles in addition to traditional profiles like Linkedin and makes this available in the candidate relationship management platform as a one-stop solution to all client requirements.