Talview Offers Free Support for #SafeHiring 

We want to support every company out there trying to hire remotely during the crisis.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has impacted several businesses and communities across the globe. To prevent the spread of the virus, businesses are increasingly adopting remote work and requesting employees to work from home.

As anticipated, Talview is witnessing a surge in demand for our remote hiring solutions, such as video interviews and remote proctoring. We are also seeing an increase in usage of our Instahiring platform by our customers.

In an effort to help businesses run recruitment processes smoothly and safely, Talview is offering free support to our current customers and also any other enterprises that are switching to remote hiring. More details are available below. You can reach out to us at safehiring@talview.com to avail this.


Here is a message from Talview’s Founder and CEO, Sanjoe Tom Jose

“As the pandemic continues to have impact globally, Talview wants to support our customers in any way we can. If you are looking to protect your employees while continuing to hire as per plan, please contact us at safehiring@talview.com. We will support you with free products and expertise.”

Key Components of Moving to Online Hiring (#SafeHiring)

Talview is here to help you achieve #SafeHiring. Below are some of the best practices you can follow to move to a completely online hiring process.

Online Registration

Online Registration

While most companies already collect candidate applications via their websites, it is key to ensure that candidates are able to submit applications using their smartphone devices. It’s also important to ensure that the application form supports camera image capture of documents and not just scanned uploads. If your current application process isn’t mobile-friendly, Talview experts have years of experience in helping customers make the transition.


Remote Proctored Assessments

Although many companies have an online application process, they still require candidates to complete pen-and-paper assessments. Even when the assessments are computer-based, most are offline and require candidates to walk-in to an assessment center. Remote proctored online assessments can help companies avoid the need for candidates to be at any specific place and allow them to take the tests from home. A Talview expert can help you pick an effective mobile-compatible assessment tool.


Video Interviewing

There are two types of video interviews: Asynchronous and Live video interviews. While asynchronous interviews are a great replacement for the first interview round or screening, live interviews can be used to move the rest of the process online. The key aspects to consider are:

  • Mobile support
  • Ability to record interviews for future reference
  • Ability to integrate with ATS for scalability
  • Ability to capture notes/ratings within the interview interface
A Talview expert can help you design, communicate, and launch an online interviewing process.

Offer Documentation

Collecting documents for offer generation should be completely mobile and online like the rest of the candidate application process.

A Talview expert can help you find the right offer documentation solution.

Moving Your Offline Hiring Process to Online

Learn how to move your current offline hiring process online and to avoid the most common online hiring mistakes.

  • Mobile-based access is critical to avoid dependency on desktop/laptop computers as many candidates lack access to those. 
  • To help candidates complete the online process smoothly, you need to provide comprehensive documentation and online assistance.
  • Communicate the benefits of an online hiring process to your interviewers and candidates to clear their apprehensions and showcase your commitment to #SafeHiring.
  • Choose tools that are tried and tested, and can easily integrate with your ATS/HRMS.
  • Train your recruiters and hiring managers on all aspects of the tools, and make them champions of the new process.
  • Secure buy-in from your leadership team for a successful transition.
  • Create a unique and progressive identity for your company with an employer branding.

What support can Talview provide?


For Current and Past Customers

If you are currently using Talview or have used one or more of Talview modules, you will get access to a comprehensive set of features and modules to move your entire process online — completely free for two months. These include:

  • Two candidate forms 
  • A set of 3 Remote Proctored Assessments 
  • Support for 2 formats of Video Interviews

Reach out to us at safehiring@talview.com

For Non-Customers

Don't halt your hiring. Learn how our digital sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing solution can help you keep recruiting and hiring with ease.

Our Talview Instahiring experts can help you assess current business processes, develop a remote hiring strategy, and help you with change management techniques to keep your business running. 

Reach out to us at safehiring@talview.com



Talview is committed to helping its customers and other businesses work smoothly during this challenging time. Please reach out to us for free support or products at safehiring@talview.com.


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