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Content Creation

Expertise in providing great content to enhance the interviewing experience.

Talview believes providing great service isn’t just good business practice, it is a genuine reflection of the company values and of the people standing behind it. Content creation requires some amount of time and expertise to create fitting questions to get the best out of a candidate.

Based on client’s requirement, Talview will deliberate on the best consult out there to provide with content that fits the organization's culture. Every business gauges candidate’s skills based on different attributes and this metrics differ based on the requirement of the company principles.


Better Selection

Strategize assessment questions to gauge candidate strengths and know their skills that matches the actual requirement.


Assessment Questions

Requirement based customizable questions that could stretch anywhere between objective test questions to comprehensive questions.


Manage Job Descriptions

Suitable content for updating Job Description in the assessment tool that will give a better understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Consulting Services

Talent Acquisition, Interaction and Management consulting for best practices.

Talent Acquisition and Management is a science of crafting and improvising an efficient selection process. Right practices here creates candidate commitment to the prospective employer’s brand. If done right, employers can even create a brand that is able to break through the noise and create brand loyalty.

With an extensive experience in providing video interviews, Talview has enriched itself with a vast knowledge base. By availing this service businesses will have access to Talview’s expertise across various sectors and geographies.

Talview’s consults understands every aspects of client requirements and work closely to showcase client as a tech savvy company to help engage better talent.


Simplify Hiring Snags

Design, implement and measure - process flow, internal communication, candidate communication, and change management.


Win Innovation Awards

Businesses could explore possibilities of winning HR Innovation Awards through constant growth and reaching greater heights.


Return on Investment

Talview’s consulting services helps companies to maximise greater Return on Investment (ROI) for a sustainable growth.

Training Services

Extensive training on Assessment Platforms for better understanding.

Talview thinks, it’s vital to be by the side of a user, for when they need any support. One understands better when a subject matter expert trains on a particular aspect. Talview has put together the best training team to walk businesses through the assessment platform.

To kickstart with Talview’s app, the training team provides an intense training to candidates and clients. They also provide with a manual and help text for initial training. Furthermore, Talview offers onsite training during campus or job fairs.

Knowledge Base Delegation

Knowledge Base Delegation

Insights to modern talent acquisition strategies across sectors and geographies to help organizations stand out from the rest.


Refresher Training

Team members keep changing as they take up new roles, Talview helps them to overcome this with a variety of training sessions.


Contextual Help

Organizations might require further assistance in some of the aspects that are critical. Hence we provide support throughout the journey.

Primary Support

Fundamental and Premium Support designed to suite specific needs.

Talview aims at enabling businesses to operate in an efficient and cost effective way. Talview understands the main factors business professionals deal with today is efficiency. To deliver this Talview has put together a strong support team.

Talview basically offers two kinds of support systems, fundamental and premium.

Fundamental Support, It’s always nice to have someone behind your back, Talview provides fundamental support through mail & chat throughout the year and around the clock.

Premium Support, Talview aims at reducing the logistics used in hiring, it could take multiple resources for an off-site hiring. To tackle this impediment, Talview offers premium support.

Onsite Campus Hiring Support

Onsite Campus Hiring Support

Talview provides requirement-based support during a campus hire. Helping candidates with the assessment tool or setting up public links.

Network and Tool Changes

Network and Tool Changes

Talview assists the internal IT team of clients to configure and optimize the corporate network for better delivery of Talview’s tool performance.


ATS Integration

Talview offers pre-integration with leading ATS’s. In addition we undertake integration with any in-house or third-party ATS’s as per clients requirement.

Branding Services

Brand Imprinting for engaging and attracting the best talent across the globe.

Brand management includes handling both the noticeable and intangible characteristics of a brand. Branding also involves assembling a blend of the right marketing campaigns to create and reinforce company’s identity.Standing out among competitors is one thing and establishing a company’s repute as a good place to work at is another.

Talview provides a list of unique features integrated into the Assessment Platform to provide companies with brand identity required to get the right among candidates. Our Creative Design team will understand organization’s requirements and prepare a suite of collaterals for brand imprinting among the candidates and competitors.

Personalized Assessment Platform

Personalized Assessment Platform

Customize assessment platform as per your requirement and showcase your company as well known brand that will help in building a proper base.

Build Company Awareness and Branding

Build Company Awareness and Branding

Option for streaming videos, adding banners, and company’s site links before or after the assessment for higher visibility.

Understand Candidates Needs

Understand Candidates Needs

Allows customization of email templates to suite specific needs and for better understanding. Also, candidate experience surveys.