"Cruise Control for Modern Recruiters"

A Webinar On The Benefits Of Hiring Automation

Tuesday, 15 Decemeber, 2015 at 11:30 AM IST/11:00 AM PT

Discover Why Video Interview Is a Solution To All Hiring Hassles

  Conduct initial screening process with video interviews to weed-out misfits
  Set up a Live Interview session if the candidate matches your criteria
  Get insights into Talview’s Intelligent Hiring Analytics

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Talview helps companies save time, effort and cost involved in hiring. Save valuable time by screening through video interviews rather than just resumes for selecting the best fit possible. Never miss out a talented candidate and reach across the border without any restrictions.

Incorporate a highly efficient hiring process in getting the best talent on board.

“Speed, Technology & Quality, that’s Talview. Today we use it for front-line recruitment, campus hiring and internal movement. Recruitment has now become more scientific and aligned.”

Sweta Jain, Head HR, Wockhardt

"With Talview, we have been able to narrow the search and call in the worthy ones for a face to face interaction. The tool is slick, easy-to-use and mighty useful.”

Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Cafe