Webinar - Why You Should Video-Enable Your recruiting ?
Like many innovative technology breakthroughs - from text messaging to social networking, Digital recruiting is changing the face of talent acquisition in organizations. While video interviews are reaching maturity and becoming the industry standard, there’s a much younger and related trend we should be tracking as well: video recruiting. Are you one of those who would want to change the traditional recruitment methods in the organization?

In this fast paced, yet practical and actionable webinar, Associate Vice President from Talview will outline unique approaches of using Video interviews in the industry to for effective screening and selections of talent. Join us and learn how to make Digital recruiting disruptive.
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Webinar Presentation


Topic: Why You Should Video-Enable Your recruiting
Date: 9 April 2015
Time: 5:00 PM
Duration: 1 Hour

Abhijan Das

Associate Vice President

Abhijan is the Associate Vice President with Talview where he manages the business development along with an oversight over marketing & strategy. He has over 10 years of experience in IT sales and strategy with special focus in Human Resource. His special interest is in Learning & Development and Talent acquisition.