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Remote Hiring is transforming the recruitment industry. It reduces hiring costs, provides a better candidate experience, and is a safe hiring best practice. If you want to move your hiring process online, Talview is here to help. Check out these remote hiring resources to understand and implement remote hiring best practices in your organization.

Free Remote Hiring Course

Masterclass on Remote Hiring

This master class led by Rajeev Menon, Chief Business Officer at Talview, includes a framework for “anytime, anywhere hiring” and features insightful case studies.

Tips on Remote Hiring

For best practices on taking your hiring process remote, check out these safe hiring tips from Talview's CEO, Sanjoe Jose, and VP of Sales, Colin Danaher.

Remote Hiring Trends for 2021

Explore the key trends talent leaders and recruiting teams expect to see in 2021.



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Redefining Recruitment with Instahiring!

Sanjoe writes about how hiring remotely has a significant impact on the time to hire as well as the candidate experience.



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Learn About Online Campus Recruitment

Find actionable information on how to get started with Virtual Campus Recruitment the right way.


Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Campus Recruiting

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5 Key Pillars of a Successful Online Campus Recruitment Strategy

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Key Components of Remote Hiring

An end-to-end remote hiring experience in an organization is enabled by moving the sourcing, screening, assessing, and interviewing processes online. Let’s dive deeper.

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Screening 100s or 1000s of candidates manually is an arduous task. However, technology can do the heavy lifting for you instead. An AI-enabled Chatbot can sit on top of your careers site, automatically answer candidate questions, and deliver qualified candidates straight to your inbox (or ATS). The best recruitment chatbots leverage natural language processing (NLP) technology to mimic human conversations in what recruiters call a "conversational AI" chatbot.  

Here are some helpful resources on using Chatbots to efficiently source candidates:

Recruitment Chatbot: Your Digital Assistant

Chatbots: Recruitment Made Easy

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Resume Parsing

You don't have to sort through tons of resumes anymore. You can find qualified candidates faster with a sophisticated resume parsing tool that employs NLP and deep learning technology. A smart tool can sift through a large numbers of resumes and deliver recommended candidates straight to the top of your list. The best resume parsing tools match candidates with the right criteria and experience based on your job descriptions. 

Coding Test

Online Assessments

There are plenty of major organizations that still conduct their candidate assessments offline. They don’t need to. 

Almost every standard candidate assessment — skill-based or behavioral — can now be carried out online, including general aptitude tests, tech assessments, communication tests, coding evaluation, essays, and psychometric tests. Moreover, most of these assessments are available out of the box, so businesses don’t even have to spend time creating the tests.

These assessments are an essential part of the recruiting process, sandwiched between the initial screening process and the final interview rounds. They can provide objective insights on a candidate’s skills and competency levels, unlike resumes and interviews, which are subjective and can be fudged.

Below are a few guides to help you learn more about online assessments:

Online Assessment Platforms in Recruitment: Why and How?

The Online Assessments Playbook - Taking Aptitude Tests Online


Also, online assessments are not only sought by businesses, but also by educational institutions. If you are an educational institute or university looking for information on online tests and assessments, this guide is for you:

Online Exam Software: Every University's Need Of The Hour


Video Interviews

Video interviews help businesses and candidates connect online using a video platform and can reduce the time-to-hire by up to 50%. Video interviews eliminate the need for candidates to physically visit a company’s office premises to meet the hiring panel.  

There are two types of video interviews:

Asynchronous Video Interviews

Asynchronous Video Interviews are a great replacement for the first round of interviews. You can put together a standard set of questions and share those with the screened candidates; the candidates can take the interview at any time and place of their convenience. This saves a hiring panel’s time as they don’t have to meet every candidate individually and go through the same set of questions. The panel can instead go through the whole lot of interviews at one go and gauge the candidates’ soft skills, body language, and culture-fit early in the hiring process.

Live Video Interviews

Live Video Interviews, on the other hand, allow the hiring panel to assess the required skills and competency level of the candidates who have reached further in the hiring process. Also, the videos of each interview session are saved in the platform for the hiring team to access later or share with other panel members. 

Moreover, a sophisticated video interviews platform cannot be replaced by any video-conferencing service such as Hangouts, Zoom, etc. It’s because a video interviews platform offers automated interview scheduling, low-bandwidth capability, team collaboration, access to video logs, employer branding, and more.


Remote Proctoring

You might be wondering about the possibility of a few candidates trying to cheat during video interviews or online assessments. This is where online remote proctoring comes into play.

Remote proctoring helps hiring teams ensure the authenticity of their candidates’ knowledge and identity during remote interviews and assessments. Using advanced video and audio analytics, it can monitor: a candidate’s focus on the test screen, light and other factors in the candidate’s room, suspicious objects and background voice activity, browser window switching or copy-paste action on the candidate’s computer, and more.

Talview’s Instahiring Platform for Remote Hiring

Watch how Instahiring helps businesses remotely engage the best talent in minutes by giving them a 100% mobile interview and assessment experience. Track their progress in your ATS or on Talview’s app available on IOS and Android.


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