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Talview for Non-Profit Organizations

Empowering Talent With Technology


Talview enables non-profit organizations with hiring and training solutions:

At Talview, we believe in leveraging technology, especially video and mobile, to create equal opportunities and a level playing field for the underprivileged candidates by empowering Non-Profit Organizations with the right technology and help them be independent.

Our mission is to build technologies that help break barriers, overcome discrimination, bridge urban-rural divide, provide similar opportunities to candidates across geographies, and create fair and objective candidate evaluation tools.

Talview Offers an End-to-End Hiring Solution

Source, Screen, Shortlist, and Interview with Ease

Recruitment Chatbot

Video Interviews

Behavioral Insights

Live    Interviews

Online Assessments

Remote Proctoring

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Save Time on Routine Tasks

You’re busy. We get it. Talview’s Recruitment Chatbot screens and qualifies candidates and integrates perfectly with your ATS, HRIS, or CRM. We automate everything from responding to candidate inquiries, screening resumes, creating and delivering assessments, and scheduling interviews.


Conduct Interviews Faster

Reduce time to hire by 60% and improve the candidate experience with video interviews. With live 1on1 or panel interviews or automated asynchronous interviews, Talview enables recruiters and hiring teams to conduct, review, and collaborate to hire the best talent before your competitors.


Get Detailed Behavioural Insights

No one knows your team better than you. Work with our IO Psychologist to determine which skills and qualities your team needs and we’ll tell you which candidates are a perfect fit. This optional and ethical AI value add enables customers from all over the world to meet both team and compliance needs.


Conduct Seamless Interviews Anywhere

Live video Interviews let you schedule, interview and even, watch the interview recording later to evaluate the candidate on your mobile from anytime and anywhere. This provides a swift experience and results in reducing the time needed to recruit by 66% faster. 


Build Highly Customizable Assessments

Talview’s Online Assessment Platform is built for speed and customization. Design and deliver pre-hire assessments with multiple choice, essay, and typing questions to help you assess both hard and soft skills of your potential employees. Even better, exams can be built for desktop or mobile devices. 


Authenticate Tests with Online Proctoring

Ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s identity and knowledge through Talview's advanced online proctoring solution. You can review candidates’ actions in real-time and receive notifications of suspicious activity.

Why Customers Love Us

"Talview is a great partner we hold in high esteem. Their technology gives us a powerful lens to see the potential for the underprivileged population and prepare them for the future with knowledge and skills-building training"

Murali Rao, Chief Mentor of Head Held High Foundation


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