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Talview Assessments is not just an ordinary pre-employment testing platform. It’s an AI-powered, comprehensive assessment solution built to evaluate candidates beyond their resumes. With over 2,000 unique assessments, covering 500+ job-specific skills, we offer unparalleled depth and breadth in our assessments. Equip yourself with deep insights to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions.

Comprehensive Assessments for Diverse Roles

Our tailor-made assessments, designed by industry-leading psychologists and domain experts, provide a holistic evaluation of candidates for varied roles and positions.


Domain and Skill-Based Assessments

Specific skills matter for every job role. Our domain-specific assessments help you gauge role-specific expertise.

Used across industries like IT, Engineering, Marketing, and Management.


Coding Assessments

Our online coding test platform, Code Solo, supports over 80 programming languages and frameworks, making it an ideal solution for testing technical candidates. Gain insights into a candidate’s coding skills, logic, and approach to problem-solving.

Perfect for the IT and Tech industry.


Cognitive and Aptitude Assessments

Evaluate critical cognitive skills such as logical reasoning, numerical ability, problem-solving skills, and more. Our cognitive and aptitude assessments provide a well-rounded perspective of a candidate’s capabilities beyond the technical skills.

Ideal for industries such as Finance, Consulting, and IT.


Communication & Language Assessments

Evaluate your candidate’s proficiency in English or other relevant languages to ensure effective communication in your workplace. Our AI-Powered English Proficiency Test (AI-EPT) provides detailed insights into a candidate's spoken and written English abilities.

Perfect for industries like Customer Service, Hospitality, and BPOs.


Behavioral Assessments

Understand your candidates' behavioral characteristics and predict their workplace behavior. Our behavioral assessments use psychometric principles to provide valuable insights into a candidate's potential for success.

Ideal for all industries, particularly in roles that require interpersonal skills such as HR, Sales, and Customer Service.

Assessment Platform

Flexible & Customizable Assessments

Assess different types of skills and capabilities, as per your requirement. 


Powerful AI Engine

Talview’s AI engine delivers accurate and unbiased results, giving you the confidence to select the best talent.


Seamless Integration

Our platform easily integrates with your existing ATS or LMS, providing a streamlined hiring process.

Online Remote Proctoring

Advanced Proctoring and Secure Browser

Talview's advanced proctoring technology and secure browser, ensure high integrity, cheat-free assessment environment.


Secure and Compliant

Your candidate data is safe with our stringent data privacy measures and adherence to global compliance standards.

Partner with a World-Class Team

24/7 Support

Dedicated support team, round the clock to assist you with any queries or issues.

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