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The shift towards virtual campus hiring was already underway before the pandemic, as technology continued to transform the recruitment process. However, the pandemic accelerated this trend, as organizations had to quickly adapt to remote hiring environments.

Managing Hyperscale Drives is often challenging due to several factors, such as -

  • Candidates do not get enough opportunities to learn more about the organization
  • Companies are unable to showcase their culture through their workplace in a virtual environment
  • Limited avenues for social connections outside of the interview process.
  • Candidates do not receive enough data points to make an informed decision about accepting the offer

Discover a new way to connect with job candidates through Talview's Metaverse Platform for Campus Hiring. Our innovative technology allows companies to interact with candidates virtually and create engaging hiring experiences. With the Metaverse, organizations can create virtual representations of job tasks and assessments, providing a more immersive and interactive hiring experience. Watch the demo video now to know more!

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