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Talent Exchange

A job seeker applies to various organizations while looking for a job. During the process, they appear for various interviews, as well as online assessments, going over the same process in different companies. In many cases the candidate loses interest due the lengthy hiring process.

There are many inefficiencies in hiring today,

  • Hiring success impacts top-line and bottom-line
  • Less than 15% of candidates who get interviewed get hired
  • Many candidates who are a good fit do not join due to timing, budget, or location
  • Every time these candidates apply to a new role there is a lot of duplication of efforts as an industry

Talent exchange is a revolutionary solution for the IT-BPM industry, to reduce cost of hiring and bring more efficiency with reuse efforts.

  • Talview has joined the Velocity Network Foundation (VNF) to bring the "talent warmpool" to life
  • Enables enterprises to reuse hiring data using decentralized blockchain technology called the "Internet of Careers"
  • A token-based career credentialing system that allows individuals to own and control their career data. With the token-based career credentialing system, organizations can share evaluation data with candidates for self-custody which they can easily share with other employers

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