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Hiring Teams Need Greater Hiring Insight Than Today’s Tools Provide 

On the heels of a global pandemic that has redefined operational models and talent markets, the strategic importance of talent acquisition is higher than ever.  

Increasingly, hiring teams need fast and reliable candidate- and organization-level hiring insights to make informed decisions quickly. Unfortunately, commonly used tools provide a limited view into critical information, leading to inefficiencies that degrade the hiring experience for candidates and employees. 

Talview commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the state of talent acquisition processes at large US companies. Forrester surveyed 150 senior leaders responsible for TA technology. We sought to understand the role that modernized hiring tools can have on an organization’s ability to meet talent acquisition priorities efficiently and effectively. 

Key Findings  

  • At least 80% of decision makers are focused on improving the quality and speed of hires, as well as confidence in their talent decisions.   

  • As the stakes for talent decisions rise, so does reliance on hiring tools. Leaders need a holistic understanding of candidates.   

  • To improve processes and experiences, hiring leaders desire intelligent, inclusive, and integrated tools – including AI-enabled features capable of reducing manual work and hiring biases.   

The Future 

The right tools can empower talent acquisition teams to adapt to today and tomorrow’s hiring needs. The ideal hiring solutions should be intelligent, inclusive, and integrated. 

Read the Survey Study 

The full survey findings and conclusions are reported in Enterprise Talent Acquisition Requires Effective Talent Measurement Tools, a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: a custom study commissioned by Talview. 

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