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Research Report: Talent Measurement for Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

2022 Hiring Trends – Talent Measurement

Hiring is a critical component of talent acquisition. In recent years, companies have invested significantly in recruitment marketing, sourcing, and ATS solutions to attract talent. However, informing the decision-making process after a candidate has applied has been neglected.

As a result:

  • One in two companies are reevaluating their hiring process
  • One in four companies will not reach their hiring goals this year 
  • 57% do not have the data they need to make decisions on talent 

Talent Measurement Enables Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Companies today need meaningful insights throughout the talent lifecycle to make smarter, confident, and bias-free decisions around talent. This goal can be achieved through a data-driven approach to hiring, a process with a focus on talent measurement.  

Our report, Talent Measurement for Data-Driven Hiring Decisions, looks at the state of hiring and the role of technology in enabling data-driven decisions. It is based on a study conducted with over 300 Talent Acquisition Directors and HR professionals in 2021 and 2022.

Here are a few of the insights revealed in this report:

  • Key hiring challenges faced by recruiting teams in 2022
  • Role of technology in the current hiring processes
  • The future of hiring: Talent Measurement
    • Defining a framework
    • Integrating/Reducing the number of solutions
    • Understanding candidate insights
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