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Leveraging Asynchronous Video-based Screening with HCL America Inc


About the Client

As a multinational innovative technology solutions company, HCL’s foundation is its exceptionally talented team. The cornerstone of their success in the United States is their commitment to identifying and hiring local talent across multiple delivery centers in the United States. Their goal is to become a vibrant, active member of these communities not only by hiring, but also by active involvement in civic organizations, local government, universities, and charitable institutions to cultivate ties with the overall community.

Their investments in global delivery centers reflect their commitment to working closely with their customers on high-end engineering and complex technology projects. They have a well-balanced mix of on, near, and off-site delivery centers, and their U.S. delivery centers are renowned for creating innovative processes, applications, and platforms for their global customers.

Time Consuming Candidate Screening and Interviewing Process

The HCL team was handling hundreds of applications and identifying the best-fit, and quality candidates from these numerous applications was time consuming. On top of that, scheduling initial screening interviews with candidates took up a lot of the team's bandwidth. HCL started looking for a more efficient, resource-friendly solution to their hiring workflow.

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Screening Resumes - The team at HCL receives hundreds of resumes every week, of which only 3-5% were qualified as potential candidates. The team was looking for a solution to identify high quality candidates.

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Efficiency - The team also spent 10-15 minutes on an initial screening call with all candidates, with many not meeting the baseline standards for HCL.

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Productivity - The recruitment team spent time and resources on coordinating schedules with candidates for the initial screening call, taking time away from other hiring-related activities. 

Added Convenience with Talview Interviews

Talview’s solution to this problem was to use their video interviewing capabilities to record the initial screening. Asynchronous video interviews gave the team members the flexibility to conduct the interviews at their own time, saving the time they spent on planning and scheduling these interviews. The initial screening task could also be divided efficiently among the team members.

The team also could evaluate the dedication and interest levels of the candidate, assess candidate comfort with the fundamentals, thought processes, and communication skills.

Interviewing Process was Manual and Tedious

The Talent Acquisition Team conducted the basic shortlisting of the profiles. They completed a non-technical shortlisting of the resumes, perusing them for keywords, immigration and visa statuses, notice periods, etc.

The resumes were then forwarded to the Delivery Team. The Delivery Team would conduct an initial 10-minute screening call with these applicants to look for their technical grasp over Java with a few basic questions. The selected candidates were then invited for a technical interview that was conducted by the Delivery Manager.

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Automate and Optimize Interview Process with Talview

The Talent Acquisition Team conducts a basic screening of the profiles. They complete a non-technical shortlisting of the resumes, perusing them for keywords, immigration and visa statuses, notice periods, etc.

The shortlisted candidates record their responses, via video using Talview Interviews. These recordings are evaluated within two days by the Delivery Team.

The Delivery Team has one primary evaluator and a backup evaluator assigned for this process. The selected candidates are then invited for a technical interview that was conducted by the Delivery Manager.

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Talview Speeds Interviewing Process

In 6 months, two evaluators assessed 1,200+ candidates and saved 200 hours of panel time.

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Name: HCL America Inc

Industry: IT/ITES

Location: USA

Website: hcltech.com

Solution(s) Used: Video Interview

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Client Testimonial


A lot of times it was difficult to coordinate time to schedule interviews with so many candidates. Talview Interviews (asynchronous video) gives us the flexibility to screen candidates at our own time, as well as allocate tasks within the team.The success rate of the conversions with Talview has been good, and Talview has been a great help for the team here.

Mohanasundaram Rajamanickam,

Group Project Manager, HCL America Inc.

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