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Fast track your recruitment with Talview’s AI-enabled Video Interviewing platform today and experience hassle-free hiring.

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Expedite Recruitment with Automated Online Video Interview

Don’t let cumbersome and lengthy interviews slow down your recruitment process.


Make your first round of screening 80% faster with on-demand video interviews


Gauge soft skills, body language, and culture fit early in the process


Reduce time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%


Acquire the Best Talent Faster with Talview’s Video Interview Platform

AI-Powered Video Interviewing Helps You Find the Right Fit

Talview's Online Video Interview lets you assess candidates’ soft skills, motivation, proficiency, and expertise in a single step. Together with Talview Behavioral Insights (TBI), you can leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to gauge emotions, analyze tone, psycholinguistics and more. TBI builds a comprehensive, foolproof behavioral profile with the help of experts based on the candidate's video responses.


Effortless Recruiting With Seamless Automated Workflows

It takes less than five minutes to create an asynchronous video interview and invite candidates. Send an invitation, track and follow up using scheduled reminders, share interviews with your panel for review, and more! Conducting a video interview lets you avoid multiple screening rounds and see more candidates in less time.

Instahiring is the way to go if you want quality recruits in minimum time.


Engage Candidates With a Customized Mobile-First Branded Experience

Make your recruiting process remarkably easy and give a great first impression by letting your candidates attend video interviews on their mobile devices. Instantly engage potential hires with your brand through job preview videos, banners, messaging, color themes, and assessments that get them excited about your organization from their first interaction to day 1.


Integrations and Data Security

Talview integrates with most leading recruiting management systems such as Greenhouse, iCIMS, IBM Kenexa, SmartRecruiters, SuccessFactors, and Taleo, so you can offer a seamless recruiting experience. 

And we know your data is important. It’s in safe hands as we are compliant with GDPR, EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Safe Harbor Policy, AICPA, SSAE-16, EEOC, OFCCP MoU & ISO 270001.


Video Interviewing Advantages


Expedite Hiring

Talview’s Video Interviewing can make your hiring process faster by 60%


Streamline Recruitment

Streamline your recruitment workflow by reducing the steps in your screening process


Identify Talent Faster

Identify the best talent in the first stages of the recruitment funnel


Collaborative Hiring

Collaborate with your team on one platform and make hiring decisions together quicker


Low Internet Speed

Conduct uninterrupted assessments and video interviews in areas with low internet speeds


Interviews On The Go

Flexibility to attend video interviews at your own convenience, anytime, anywhere

Hire Smarter with Automated Video Interviews

Win the War of Talent on Campus

Talview Video Interviewing can be leveraged to hire large numbers of graduates during campus hiring drives quicker. Video interviewing can save up to 80% panel time and 55% of the resources required.

Get Ahead of the Game with Lateral Hiring

Battle varied time zones and long lead times that come with lateral hiring. With the help of Talview’s cognitively proctored assessments and automated video profiling, save 60% panel time and reduce time to hire by 30%. Leverage past data to predict performance with razor-sharp accuracy instantly.

Re-engineer L&D Evaluation with Video Interviewing

Reduce high turnaround time and bring everyone on board for a successful and efficient training program with the help of Talview Video Interviewing and cognitive proctoring. Streamlining the evaluation process and measuring the training outcomes with the help of video interviewing can help you reduce turnaround time by more than 65%.

Supercharge Your Sales Hiring

Don’t let the sheer number of sales rep requirements decelerate you. Talview Video Interviewing helps you hire quality candidates 3 times faster across multiple geographies, even in low internet bandwidths. Instahiring at its best!

Accelerate Screening with Automated Video Interviewing

Make your elimination process faster by up to 60% by reducing the number of screening rounds with our on-demand video interviewing. Video interviews have helped companies reduce panel time by 65%.

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Candidate scores are authenticated through 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring.


Unified Experience

Multi-section workflows accommodate the most demanding candidate processes.



Advanced interface branding provides a positive brand impression at every step.



Round-the-clock support gives recruiters and candidates help through phone, chat, and email.



Top assessment content & HR tech functionality are a click away for added benefits.



We're GDPR, PDPA, CCPA, AICPA, EEOC Compliant.