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Bridging Ambitious Talents with Industry Pioneers

Welcome to a pioneering recruitment experience, a confluence of academia and industry, shaping the future of hiring.

13 September to 16 September 2023

For Students

For Employers

For Colleges


Engage with Leading Employers

Dive into a diverse pool of companies, ranging from high-profile conglomerates to dynamic startups, offering you unparalleled opportunities.

Effortless Recruitment Process

Experience a seamless, technology-driven hiring process that respects your time and effort.

Expand Your Network

Forge valuable connections through webinars, group discussions, and workshops, ensuring you're not just another face in the crowd.

Empower Yourself

Access a plethora of resources, from interview tips to insights about the participating companies.

Land your dream job with the best companies


Spot Potential Talent

Engage with pre-screened candidates from top-tier colleges across the country, ensuring quality interactions.

Enhance Your Brand

Showcase your company culture, values, and vision through dedicated branding opportunities and speaking sessions.

Efficient Recruitment

Tap into our innovative, technology-driven recruitment process, promising you an experience that's efficient and contemporary.


Foster Growth & Opportunities

Pave the way for your students, ensuring they get the best start to their careers by engaging with top-notch employers from diverse sectors.

Strengthen Your Alumni Network

With successful placements and robust partnerships, fortify your alumni network, creating success stories that resonate.

Give your students a head start towards their career

While we're gearing up for a detailed reveal, here's a sneak peek at some of the leading participants:

  • Zoomrx-16X9
  • Keyence
  • PNB-16X9
  • EClinicalWorks-16X9
  • KVB-16X9
  • Concentrix-16x9
  • IndiaFirst-16X9
  • OmegaHMS-16x9
  • Talview-16X9
  • Corning-16X9
  • BAGIC-16x9

Stay tuned for the complete list!

Event Highlights


Unified Platform

A streamlined, virtual platform ensuring easy interactions between students, colleges, and employers.


Broad Spectrum of Recruitment

A streamlined, virtual platform ensuring easy interactions between students, colleges, and employers.


Aligned with Modern Standards

Ensuring our hiring processes are up to date, resonating with current industry benchmarks.

Eligibility & Details

For Students

Graduates - B.Tech / B.Com / B.Sc / BCA / MBA / MCA / M.Sc IT Pass out Batch of 2022, 2023 & 2024 (both freshers & experienced are welcome)

For Employers

Companies with a turnover of 100Cr or above

Event Management

Powered by the renowned Talview Event Management Solution



13 September to 16 September 2023

Join us in this extraordinary journey, transforming your career and fostering meaningful connections.

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