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Fortune 50 Insurance Gaint



Fortune 50 Global Insurance Giant Confidently and Quickly Hires Skilled Talent

Equitably and Quickly Hire Skilled Workers During a Talent Squeeze

In the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector, companies are facing a talent squeeze. Prior to working with Talview, this leading India-based insurance provider with $2 billion USD in annual revenues struggled to get the right people for its job openings into the funnel. Once the best candidates were identified, the company then needed help keeping them engaged, reducing time-to-hire, and improving overall candidate experience.

In India, candidates living in tier two or three cities may have limited access to a computer and strong internet bandwidth was not guaranteed. As such, the company required an intelligent, mobile-friendly platform to support its remote hiring process.


Orchestrate the Entire Process with a Single Hiring Solution

To combat these issues in sourcing skilled talent, the organization decided to leverage the Talview Hiring Solution for one-way recorded interviews and remotely proctored assessments.

Using Talview Interviews, the company sped up the process as candidates could record video responses to interview questions anywhere, anytime. Each recorded interview was then evaluated using Talview Behavioral Insights, which provides an objective analysis of the subtext of video interviews or written responses to interview questions, giving recruiters insights into a candidate’s unique personality profile. This was possible thanks to the tool’s natural language processing and psycholinguistic analytics capabilities based on established models, such as Big 5 and intrinsic values.

This technology helped the organization mitigate bias throughout the process and provided each candidate with a “recommended” or “not recommended” score based on the core competencies for that role. “With the help of the Talview Interviews and Talview Remote Proctoring solutions, we have been able to evaluate candidates efficiently, objectively, and accurately for the skills we need, and leverage insights to drive continuous improvement of recruiter performance,” explained the Talent Acquisition Lead.

The organization also proctored online assessments using the Talview Proctoring Solution, which simplifies the process for authenticating and invigilating test takers. The software provides an integrity score which automatically identifies and flags test takers with a higher risk of malpractice, minimizing the need for human monitoring.

Candidates could carry out both the recorded interview and online assessment from their mobile phones, and Talview’s solution is fully integrable with the company’s existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System), meaning recruiters are not required to spend time on two different systems.

The company was also able to use the hiring platform to solicit candidate feedback on the process. Based on this feedback, Talview then translated assessments into Hindi for applicants who were not required to know English for the role. On top of candidate insights, Talview provided data on the performance of the recruiters too.

Confident, Bias-Free Decision Making While Reducing Time to Hire

Talview delivered accessibility and authenticity throughout the hiring process and helped decrease overall time-to-hire. Thanks to Talview’s mobile-first approach and multi-language platform, the overall candidate experience improved, reducing attrition of skilled applicants in the hiring pipeline.

By reducing the need for manual tasks and evaluating recruiter performance, the company was able to drastically cut down time-to-hire while ensuring that recruiters were making the right decisions and getting the right people through the door.

According to the Fortune 50 Insurance Provider, “Not only did Talview help us make sure we were putting the right people for the roles through our hiring funnel, but its technology also allowed us to dramatically cut down manual processes, saving us time and money.”

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Name: Fortune 50 Global Insurance Giant

Industry: Insurance

Location: India

Solution(s) Used: Talview Video Interview, Talview Behavioral Insights, Talview Remote Proctoring, 

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Client Testimonial


"Not only did Talview help us make sure we were putting the right people for the roles through our hiring funnel, but its technology also allowed us to dramatically cut down manual processes, saving us time and money.”

Talent Acquisition Lead

Case Study Summary


  • Sourcing the right skilled talent for roles as quickly as possible in a tight labor market

  • Identifying talent located in tier 2 or tier 3 cities in India

  • Ensuring a smooth candidate experience, especially in low bandwidth situations


  • Recorded video interviews to speed up the interview process

  • Remotely proctored assessments to ensure integrity of the process

  • Talview Behavioral Insights provided an objective analysis into the unique personality profile of candidates

  • Candidates recorded interview responses and took assessments with the Talview Candidate Mobile App


  • The company reduced its average time-to-process from 11 days to 6.9 days

  • Saved over $1 million USD in one year

  • Mitigated bias in the hiring process

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