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Fortune 100 Multinational Food & Beverage Company Optimizes Campus Recruitment with Talview

Organization Profile

A leading company in nutrition, health, and wellness, the company has operated in Indonesia since 1971. They hire outstanding graduates into the their Management Trainee Program based in different business streams, aiming to grow high-performing talent as future leaders of the organization.

Transitioning to Remote Campus Recruitment

For years, the client had conducted pen-and-paper exams to admit candidates into their Management Trainee Program. Their recruiters traveled to colleges and universities across the country to conduct their campus recruitment drives. This was a tedious process and cost a lot in terms of time, effort, and money. They were on the lookout for a comprehensive solution that could help them conduct campus recruitment drives virtually while reducing operational costs significantly. They selected Talview to implement virtual campus recruitment solution to achieve their hiring goals.


Talview Helps Fortune 100 Company Simplify Recruitment Process

The organization now has a completely remote assessment process in place for campus recruitment. Talview’s recruiting automation, video interviewing, and pre-hire assessment applications are also powered by Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud hosting providers, which provides a more secure and scalable platform.

As the company begins its second batch of recruitment using the Talview Hiring Solution, the client has already experienced the following benefits:

check-1Ensure near 100% test integrity with Talview Automated Proctoring to remotely proctor candidate assessments globally

check-1Assess candidates’ organizational fit with comprehensive behavioral analytics for video interviews and proctored exams for language prowess

check-1Record and store candidate response that can be revisited anytime


Provide the team flexibility to evaluate candidates anytime, anywhere on any device, with quick feedback and a rating system


Seamlessly conduct large-scale remote assessments globally, requiring only 256 kbps (internet speed)


Quickly implement the solution with the plug-and-play features and Talview’s 24/7 support team

Quick View

Name: Fortune 100 Multinational Food & Beverage Company

Industry: Food & Beverage

Corporate Headquarters: Switzerland

Solution(s) Used: Talview Interviews, Talview Assessments

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Case Study Summary


  • A complex in-person campus recruitment process with high operational costs

  • Lack of effective tools to assess candidates’ language skills and proficiency

  • Inability to conduct campus recruitment drives amidst the pandemic


  • Highly scalable, AI-led remote proctored assessments

  • Easy-to-use and implement video interviewing platform for both interview panels and candidates

  • In-depth competency reporting with Talview Behavioral Insights


  • Increase in the quality and diversity of hires by expanding the candidate pool globally

  • Smoothly continue business operations with safe and secure AI-led assessment and recruitment processes

  • Reduce operational costs with a simpler, paperless candidate process

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