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Full Screen Mode

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Full Screen Mode refers to a display setting that maximizes the screen real estate by hiding peripheral elements such as toolbars and menus. In the context of online examinations, it allows candidates to focus solely on the exam content without distractions.


This mode enhances user experience by providing a clutter-free environment, thereby improving concentration and engagement during assessments. It optimizes visibility of exam questions and prevents accidental navigation away from the test interface.


Users can activate Full Screen Mode in online examination platforms typically through a dedicated button or keyboard shortcut. This ensures ease of use and accessibility for all test-takers


Benefits include heightened focus, reduced visual clutter, and enhanced readability of exam content. It aids in maintaining the integrity of the examination process by minimizing external influences.

Customization Options

Some platforms offer customization options such as adjusting screen resolution or toggling specific elements within Full Screen Mode to suit individual preferences.

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