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Incident Reporting

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Incident reporting in online exams involves documenting and notifying authorities about unexpected events to uphold exam integrity. It ensures fairness by addressing issues promptly.

Key Components

Types of Incidents:

  • Technical Issues: Such as server crashes or platform malfunctions.
  • Cheating or Unauthorized Behavior: Including suspicious activities by participants.
  • Connectivity Problems: Issues with internet or system access during exams.

Reporting Process:

  • Identification: Prompt recognition and documentation of incidents.
  • Notification: Immediate reporting to exam administrators or proctors.
  • Detailed Reporting: Providing timestamps, descriptions, and evidence of incidents.

Investigation and Response:

  • Investigation: Thoroughly examining incidents to determine causes.
  • Impact Assessment: Evaluating effects on exam fairness and outcomes.
  • Response: Implementing measures like retesting or penalties to address incidents

Best Practices

  • Encouraging proactive reporting by exam participants.
  • Training administrators on effective incident management.
  • Continuous improvement of reporting procedures.


Incident reporting is vital for maintaining the credibility and security of online exams. Collaborative efforts ensure fairness and trust in the examination process.

Ensure exam fairness: Report incidents promptly for integrity.

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