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Screen Mirroring

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Screen mirroring refers to the technology that replicates the display of a device onto another screen, such as a TV or projector. It plays a crucial role in modern technology by enabling seamless sharing of content across different platforms.

Application in Online Exams

  • Displays exam content and instructions from smaller devices onto larger screens, improving visibility for students and aiding effective monitoring by proctors.
  • Supports collaborative exams and interactive learning through real-time content sharing and annotation capabilities.

Technical Requirements

  • Requires HDMI cables, wireless display adapters, or built-in mirroring features.
  • Uses software like Miracast, Reflector, or native OS capabilities for seamless screen sharing.
  • Ensures compatibility across devices, OS, and networks for reliable performance.

Advantages and Challenges

  • Enhances accessibility and exam monitoring capabilities, enabling simultaneous viewing and interaction with content.
  • Challenges include latency issues in wireless setups and distractions from notifications on mirrored screens.

Security and Integrity

  • Uses encryption and secure connections to protect data.
  • Includes screen recording prevention and exam mode settings.
  • Educates on responsible use and consequences of unauthorized access.


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