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Secondary Camera

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A secondary camera proctoring on devices like smartphones and tablets is distinct from the primary camera. Positioned on the front, it is used for activities allowing candidates to participate in exams via video while ensuring their interaction with the exam environment is captured securely and monitoring the candidate.

Functions and Features

  • Capturing selfies: Allows test-takers to photograph themselves for identification purposes.
  • Facilitating video calls: Enables real-time communication during exams.
  • Supporting augmented reality: Enhances interactive exam elements by overlaying digital information.
  • Features: Offers various resolutions and modes tailored for different exam scenarios.

Technological Evolution

  • Higher resolutions: Provides clearer images for identity verification.
  • Advanced imaging technologies: Improves video quality, aiding in remote proctoring.
  • AI enhancements: Assists in detecting anomalies and ensuring exam integrity.

Usage in Online Exams

  • Crucial for remote proctoring: Verifies identity and monitors exam environments.
  • Identity verification: Captures real-time images to confirm test-taker identities.
  • Cheating prevention: Helps detect unauthorized aids or behaviors during exams.

Practical Applications

  • Professional use: Supports secure and reliable exam administration.
  • Videography: Ensures clear communication and facilitates seamless interaction and collaboration in remote exam settings

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