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Suman Akkiraju

“[Asynchronous Interviews are] becoming more efficient because I have recorded a set of questions that I need every candidate to respond, I don't have to necessarily sit with every candidate to go through it. Therefore, I save a significant amount of time”

Suman Akkiraju
Associate Vice President - HR

Fortune 500

Ayshwarya Srinivasan
Ayshwarya Srinivasan
Sr Manager-HR


“Talview helped Cognizant evaluate new campuses and made the process in existing campuses much more streamlined.”



mu sigma
Kusuma G
Apprentice Leader

Mu Sigma

“Using Talview for campus recruitment has definitely helped us simplify our process, save time & ensure good candidate experience.”





Sweta Jain
Sweta Jain
HR Head


“We loved the concept of recorded interviews as it would give us the perfect opportunity to actually scan and monitor the quality of hire. Today we use it for frontline recruitment, campus hiring and internal movement.”


Sunil R Udupa
Sunil R Udupa
Managing Director


“Talview has changed our entire hiring perspective; the platform has drastically shortened time to hire by enabling us to sift through chaff and to get to quality candidates.”

Retail, Hospitality and Others

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