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About Talview

Talview is the fastest way to hire for enterprise employers across the globe. Our Instahiring Platform empowers organizations by enabling “anytime, anywhere” remote processes, automating routine tasks, and reusing data across the hiring process. Our AI-enabled video interviewing and cognitive remote proctoring features as well as our advanced assessment solutions leverage best-in-class NLP, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Video Analytics capabilities.

With our unique approach, we are transforming the talent acquisition process for some of the largest organizations across the globe such as Accenture, Deloitte, OCBC Bank, and Sephora — and getting them equipped to excel in the emerging gig economy.

Talview caters to the “mobile-first” user who expects a seamless digital communication experience with exceptional speed and convenience. We integrate seamlessly into most ATSs and LMSs to help reviewers and administrators automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on selecting the best candidates.

We are funded by leading Silicon Valley-based VC firms and currently operate out of the United States, Singapore, and India, with our headquarters in San Jose. Talview is a Value SaaS business. We are committed to building our business capital efficiently. See here for more of Value SaaS manifesto.