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Talview Linguistic Insights


AI-Powered Voice Assessment for Evaluating Spoken English

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Talview Linguistic Insights (TLI) incorporates advanced technology, including natural language processing, machine learning, and linguistics, to extract valuable insights about English language proficiency from interviews. This AI-powered communication assessment tool helps to assess a candidate's language proficiency in terms of grammar, listening comprehension skills, pronunciation, way of speech, and trainability. 

Talview leverages the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) standard to provide accurate language proficiency assessment. This enables companies to effectively evaluate candidates' language abilities and align them with international language standards.

Assessing candidates' language proficiency during interviews becomes effortless with the assistance of AI-driven insights, eliminating the requirement for conventional English language evaluations.

Measure Candidate's English Proficiency By Scoring Them On Various Parameters



Understanding of topic and how well can they frame answers in response

Grammer Check


Construct grammatically correct sentences


Clarity of Speech

Fluency in speech, tone and clear pronunciations


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Eliminate Traditional English Assessments

TLI leverages CEFR standards, replacing traditional language assessments


Limit Number of Assessments

Generate insights from an ongoing live or async interview


English Proficiency at Scale

Assess multiple candidates and generate reports effortlessly


Cost Effective

No need for costly English language assessments


Globally Recognized

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a globally recognized English language standard

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No More Interview Bais

100% AI generated insights, with no human intervention.

Hire The Most Competent Candidates for your Organization with Talview Linguistic Insights

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