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Screen Sharing in Proctoring


Screen sharing in proctoring refers to the practice of allowing proctors or invigilators to view a test-taker's screen remotely during an examination. Screen sharing facilitates real-time observation, granting proctors the ability to vigilantly monitor test-takers' activities from afar. This technique not only deters cheating but also fosters an environment of trust and fairness in online assessments.

What is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing entails displaying the contents of a test-taker's computer screen to an invigilator in a remote proctoring environment. It enables proctors to monitor the test session for unauthorized aids or prohibited behaviors.

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How does Screen Sharing Work?

During an online examination, test-takers grant access to their screens through proctoring software. The software streams the test taker’s screen content to the proctor's device in real-time. Proctors can observe the test-taker's actions, ensuring compliance with exam rules and regulations.

What are the Benefits of Screen Sharing?

  • Enhanced Security: Prevents cheating and ensures the integrity of online assessments.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Allows proctors to promptly identify and address any suspicious behavior during exams.

  • Flexibility: Enables remote invigilation, eliminating the need for physical presence in test centers.

Use Cases

  • Academic Institutions: Universities and colleges utilize screen sharing in proctoring for online exams to maintain academic integrity.

  • Certification Exams: Professional organizations leverage screen sharing to monitor candidates during certification assessments conducted remotely.

  • Corporate Training: Companies employ screen sharing in proctoring for employee training programs and assessments conducted online.


Q. Can test-takers disable screen sharing?

A. Test-takers must consent to screen sharing as part of the examination process; disabling it may result in consequences for exam protocol.

Q. How secure is screen sharing in proctoring?

A. Proctoring software employs encryption and secure protocols to ensure the confidentiality of data transmitted during screen sharing.

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