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iOS Developer - Objective C

The iOS Swift skills evaluation assesses candidates with Swift mastery, memory management, RESTful API usage, Cocoa APIs on OS X, and strong UI design aptitude.

Category: Technical Expertize Level: Mid level

Skills Required

  • Protocol Declaration in Swift
  • Swift Classes and Objects
  • Swift Enumerations
  • Swift Parameters
  • Swift Structures
  • iOS Objective-C and Swift Coding

About the iOS Developer - Objective C Assessment

Swift stands as a resilient and user-friendly programming language meticulously crafted by Apple for the development of applications on iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch platforms. Our iOS Swift skills evaluation allows you to assess candidates who exhibit the following attributes: 1. Mastery of Swift and its associated ecosystems. 2. Competency in memory management and multi-threading. 3. Proficiency in utilizing RESTful APIs to establish connections with backend services. 4. Capability to work with Cocoa APIs on OS X. 5. Strong aptitude for UI design.