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Junior Python Developer

The Python Proficiency Test identifies candidates with strong Python knowledge, Django proficiency, SQLite coding skills, and experience in easy-level Python tasks.

Category: Technical Expertize Level:

Skills Required

  • SQLite
  • Python
  • Django

About the Junior Python Developer Assessment

Python stands as a high-level, versatile, and dynamic programming language, executed in real-time by the interpreter. It embraces various programming paradigms and boasts an automatic memory management system alongside a comprehensive standard library, making it an excellent choice for developers aiming to seamlessly integrate systems. The Python Proficiency Test serves as a valuable tool for identifying candidates with the following qualifications: 1. Strong knowledge of Python concepts and functions. 2. Proficiency and experience in Django. 3. Competence in SQLite coding. 4. Experience and expertise in Python coding, particularly in tasks of an easy nature.