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MuleSoft Developer

This test evaluates candidates' expertise in API and ESB development. Assessing design, coding, testing, and integration skills, it aids recruiters and managers in gauging MuleSoft proficiency.

Category: Technical Expertize Level:

Skills Required

  • Dataweave
  • Flow Analyzer
  • Integrating with Salesforce
  • Mule ESB/Scopes
  • Mule Filter
  • RAML/APIkit Router

About the MuleSoft Developer Assessment

The MuleSoft online test assists in evaluating candidates with the following skills: 1. Extensive experience in designing, coding, testing, implementing, and documenting MuleSoft APIs and ESB. 2. Profound knowledge of ESB, transformation (Data Weave), dynamic routing, content-based routing, re-sequencing, and other capabilities using Mule ESB. 3. Capability to work on scalable Mule flows and handle error scenarios effectively. 4. Proficiency in creating integration architecture designs. The Mulesoft assessment test is a valuable tool for recruiters and hiring managers to gauge candidates' MuleSoft development expertise.