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Penetration Tester

Identifies candidates with expertise in assessing security risks, planning and executing tests, application security, offensive security, SOC and CSIRT functions, and related areas.

Category: Technical Expertize Level: Not Available

Skills Required

  • Forensic and Malware Practices
  • Hacking
  • Offensive Security
  • SOC and CSIRT
  • Security Monitoring
  • Security Technology

About the Penetration Tester Assessment

Cyber Security Penetration Testing, often referred to as pen-testing, serves a crucial role in assessing an organization's security posture and testing its security policies. This practice, also known as ethical hacking, is employed to scrutinize security systems and pinpoint vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could potentially exploit. The Penetration Testing skills evaluation aids in identifying candidates who possess the following capabilities: 1. Proficiency in conducting penetration testing to assess security risks effectively. 2. Expertise in planning and executing penetration tests on computer systems, networks, or web-based applications. 3. Strong knowledge of application security and the ability to detect vulnerabilities within them. 4. A comprehensive understanding of offensive security, security technologies, SOC (Security Operations Center) and CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) functions, security monitoring, hacking techniques, cryptography, and related areas.