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Coding Assessments

 Easily test proficiency in various kinds of modern programming languages and business applications with built-in test cases.

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Speaking Code

Empower your hiring team with the features to assess top tech talent quickly and securely.


Non-technical recruiters can now find the top tech talent!

Save time spent on interviews by 40%

Save time spent on interviews by 40%

Tap into the best tech talent pool from across the world

Tap into the best tech talent pool from across the world 


Test Candidates with Relevant, Validated Assessments

Create your own assessment questions and test cases or use expert-validated content from Talview Talent Assessments. With Virtual Machine-based Simulations, test your candidates ability by providing them with a cloud-based VM environment with any required GUI application and use to accomplish specific tasks assigned to them by you. The candidates audio, video and screen is proctored throughout.


Watch the Developers Work

Test developers’ proficiency to code in Talview's controlled online proctored environment. You can securely assess the skills of coders in more than 52 different programming languages. Score candidates based on the memory utilized by the compiler and the time taken to complete tasks.


Test Candidate’s Soft Skills

Don’t just test a candidate’s ability to code - know they're a team player and a good fit for your organization’s culture. Take candidates from the code test directly into an AI-powered asynchronous video interview to create a holistic skills and behavioral profile of the candidate in one end-to-end experience.


See the Complete Picture

Assign multiple assessments such as Leadership, Critical Thinking, and Coding and see candidate scores in one holistic score report. Talview experts can help you build the perfect test process specific to your enterprise and job openings. 


Advantages & Benefits


Best Candidates

Conveniently hire the best employees from across the globe


Secure Environment

Standard, secure, reliable and validated assessments

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Video Proctored

Fully proctored environment leaves no possibility for cheating


Highly Scalable

Deliver individual or group assessments anytime, supported on multiple devices, with 24/7 help



Invite candidates to the assessment directly from the platform or embed test links on your Careers page


Customized Reports

Track important recruiting metrics with intuitive and real-time reporting in just a few simple clicks

Use Cases

Digital Hackathons

Running a hackathon? We ensure they run smoothly by providing you with a platform and the software for contestants to create their prototypes or products! We helped one of our clients, GIC, organize a nationwide hackathon to find the best coders solely on the basis of meritocracy. Here’s how it unfolded. 

Lateral Hiring

Need to find experts to fill special roles? Using our Coding Tests, a multinational technology solutions company was able to hire laterally within 10 days, whereas it took them approximately 2 months prior to Talview.

Smooth-Sailing Campus Hiring

Too many candidates to interview and too little time? No need to go to a campus in the early stages. Shortlist the students who meet your minimum requirements with our online screening assessments and only visit campus to speak with pre-qualified applicants.

Gig Workers

Worried about how you’ll hire on a contract basis and still ensure quality work? Spending too much time to hire candidates for just a few months? See how you can efficiently hire on a contract basis while still keeping candidate quality high here.

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Candidate scores are authenticated through 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring.


Unified Experience

Multi-section workflows accommodate the most demanding candidate processes.



Advanced interface branding provides a positive brand impression at every step.



Round-the-clock support gives recruiters and candidates help through phone, chat, and email.



Top assessment content & HR tech functionality is a click away for added benefits.



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