Online Code Test

Online Code Test is Talview's first step towards achieving performance based evaluation and it has been helping many businesses find good programmers.
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Test the True Coding Skills in a Real Time Environment


Performance Based Assessments

Code Evaluation Engine help recruiters identify the best developers by giving them an opportunity to showcase their coding skills in a controlled environment with a variety of programming tests available within the platform that is proctored remotely.

More Than Just Aptitude

Talview helps developers to showcase more than just the ability to solve a problem through code tests. Recent updates in Code Evaluation Engine gives recruiters the ability to measure developers knowledge in using libraries, code style, C.R.A.P, cyclomatic complexity, etc.


While ability to code is an important aspect recruiters need, other factors like cultural fit, team play, etc is also a major concern. Hence Talview has incorporated code evaluation engine with other tools like asynchronous interview, live interview, psychometric tests and more for the best interview automation experience.

Leverage More Than Assessment Data

Talview helps to perform more holistic assessment by tapping into developer's profile in Github, Stackoverflow, etc. It leverages statistics like reputation, contribution and activities allowing recruiters to look beyond developer’s performance in code tests.