Online Assessment

Talview Online Assessments includes Multiple Choice Question Tests, Essay Exams, and Typing Speed Tests which are proctored through video recording.
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Video Proctor the Online Assessments to know better

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Written Assessments

Talview Online Assessment platform is a multi-faceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test, psychometric test, and skill test. Grammar test, a new feature has been incorporated in our online assessments, this allows employers to check typing accuracy, typing speed, grammar skills of the candidate and provides a detailed report on it.

Configurable Remote Proctored Assessments

Test administrators can monitor up to 64 candidates effortlessly. Each candidate's assessment is logged and the administrators will be notified incase of any suspicious activities. Multiple sections can be configured based on the requirement.

Advanced Blocking Option

Test administrators are provided with an option to warn or block the access to an ongoing assessment if the candidate uses unfair means. To avoid malpractice Talview allows admins to restrict controls like ‘copy paste', 'right-click' and more.

Flexible Questionnaire Formats

Talview Online Assessment includes multiple choice questions, essay tests, aptitude tests, psychometric test, that are video proctored. Organizations can even configure the written assessments to ensure the integrity and suitability.