Online Essay Tests

Talview’s Online Essay Tests provide employers with an online tool to assess the candidate’s reading, listening and writing abilities all with one simple online test.

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Hire Candidates With The Right Talent

Client facing positions require peak performance at all times without room for error! It’s easier than ever to hire candidates for positions that require grammar assessment and language command, with Talview’s Essay Tests.


A completely automated process that requires minimal human intervention


Easy configuration and evaluation of tests


Conduct fake-proof online essay tests with advanced video proctoring


Equipped with Multiple Functionalities

Recruiters can attach additional files for each question in the test, ask any number of questions, have plain text or multimedia questions, set time-limit on each question, and test window configuration, all according to their requirement.


How To Attend An Essay Test

Candidates are invited to the assessment over an email. Once logged in through the link, candidates can download attachments that may contain instructions or questions, they can attach files containing answers. There are timers set for the entire test. All this while the candidate’s actions are being recorded to check the authenticity of the test. 


Know Who’s Cheating

The essay tests come with Talview Advanced Proctor mechanism that helps you keep track of candidate’s activities on the browser. It can tell you in real-time if a candidate is cheating by copy-pasting answers or switching browser window. You can also lock the copy+paste function.


Easy Review by the Panel

This assessment completely dismisses the need for the panel members to travel to a particular location. Automated emails are triggered to the panel members once the candidate has finished the assessment. The panel members can evaluate the candidates easily at any time with the parameters made available on the same page.

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Ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s score of online written assessments through 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring.


Unified Experience

Provide a multisection workflow where the entire hiring cycle is unified in a platform & provides a seamless candidate experience.



Provide best in class experience to candidates via advanced branding of the interface. Match the colors, include banners, videos, and logos.



Talview provides round the clock support to recruiters and candidates through phone, chat, and email in multiple languages.



We have collaborated with world-class HR tech and assessment companies to provide a unified experience and data integrity.



Talview is compliant with EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, Safe Harbor Policy, AICPA, SSAE-16, EEOC, OFCCP MoU & ISO 270001 Procedures.