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Live Interview Candidate Profile

With the new update, Evaluators can now see all of the candidate’s details - their CV, assessment scores, TBI report, etc - during a Live Session. Also, verify the candidate impersonation by checking the picture from the recorded log to that of the candidate in the live session. Armed with such data and context, Evaluators can have more productive conversations with candidates during Live Sessions!


Remote Proctoring is Getting Smarter

Each time candidates log in to an assessment, Proview will match their recorded image and voice sample with their live photo and voice. In case of a mismatch, Proview will automatically log these transactions for further action by the Recruiter. Proview also logs for multiple faces visible during the assessment. Considering all the factors, candidate proctor rating will be available in candidate profile as High, Medium, or Low.


Scheduling and Notification Management

With the upgraded Talview Calendar, see all panelists’ calendars at a glance. Block their calendars in a few simple clicks without worrying about availability and rescheduling. Also, now edit notification templates and keep track of all the reminders and notifications you send candidates, evaluators, and panelists.


Career Page

In the all-new Marketplace by Talview, candidates can search, filter, and sort job openings from a simple and intuitive portal. Candidates will now be able to attend assessments from your careers page in just a few simple clicks!


Manage Multiple Types of Assessments

Now invite candidates to the offline live interviews, where you can add a map of interview location and invite candidates. This will help you have an account of all interviews and assessments of the candidate in one place, be it online or offline. Also introducing multiple correct answer type questions, where the candidate can select multiple options from given choices.


Assessment Overview and Report

Now have an enhanced view of assessment overview for better management. Recruiters can now change the owner of an assessment, modify a workflow, archive an assessment, and more. We’ve also added a feature that lets Recruiters download assessment data in a spreadsheet to analyze the hiring data.


Candidate Friendly App

Virtual hiring has opened a lot of doors for differently-abled candidates. And by adhering to the W3C Web and Mobile Content Accessibility Guidelines, the Talview platform can be used by everyone.

Checking audio quality and alerting candidates, Detailed instructions about the assessment,  overview of assessment questions attended etc accounts for rich candidate experience on Talview platform.