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Maintain Exam Integrity with Our Object Detection Capability in Proctoring

Our AI-powered proctoring solution, Talview Proview proctoring, is now enabled with object detection capabilities to detect any book or mobile phone(s) used during the exam. When detected, our solution flags this on a test taker’s Proview Index which indicates a test taker’s exam integrity score. 


Turn off Default Recording Setting for Non-ad-hoc Live Interviews

By default, when a live interview began, our solution automatically recorded the interview. Based on customer feedback, you can update this default setting to record or not record for an ad-hoc live interview. 

For all the live interviews tagged with any assessment, based on your requirement, you can now turn off the recording. However, once turned off, you cannot begin recording the same session midway through. 


Add Interview Invites to Your Calendar in One Click

Simple enhancements can be of great value. With one such enhancement, now when a candidate or panel is invited for a live interview, the email invite has been updated to include a .ics file to add the interview to their calendars directly.

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Next Generation Remote Hiring on Microsoft Teams

We released a game-changing integration with Microsoft Teams that enables you to conduct video interviews, view candidate details, share, and evaluate candidates with our AI-powered interviews all within Teams. Save time scheduling and rescheduling interviews with Office 365 calendar integration.  Reduce manual input with information seamlessly flowing between Talview and Teams. Learn more about how you can increase your team’s hiring collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

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Now Use Our Proctoring SDK On Your Mobile Assessment Applications

Talview Proview Proctoring SDK is now available on both iOS and Android. Integrate our Proctoring SDK with any assessment platform and have a safe proctoring solution on your mobile app. Proctoring is now easier on all assessment platforms with Talview Proview Proctoring.


Candidates Can Now Take Assessments Even On Tablet Devices

Talview Candidate app is a convenient way of taking assessments remotely. With the new release, we now support the Candidate app on all devices, including iOS and Android mobile phones, iPad, and Tablets. Candidates can also attend the assessment on the web using a desktop or laptop.


Lock Candidate’s Test Window For Secure Assessments

We have two exciting feature updates that will allow candidates to take assessments securely on Apple devices. We are extending our support of Talview Secure Browser to Mac devices, and we also have the single app mode on Talview candidate mobile app on iOS devices.


An Easier Way To Schedule The Live Proctoring Events

We have further simplified the  UI for your test admins to schedule, manage, and review live proctoring events in a few easy steps. This intuitive user interface will help the admins create new events, view the scheduled events’ status, audit and edit the post-event reports, and overview the live proctored sessions.

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