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Section Navigation in Candidate Profile

With the new update, our clients now have one-click navigation to different sections in the candidate profile. This will help evaluators navigate easily between candidates and different sections.

Also, with the ‘Assigned to you’ tag in each section, an evaluator will know which sections are assigned to them for evaluation.


HackerEarth Integration

Our new integration will let you view your HackerEarth assessments on Talview Recruit Platform and invite candidates directly to HackerEarth assessments. Add HackerEarth assessments as a section to your workflow, invite candidates, and evaluate them, all from within the Talview platform. Candidates will be able to take HackerEarth assessments from within the Talview Candidate platform or mobile app, giving a rich experience to your candidates. 


Support Chatbot for Candidates

Our support Chatbot is an addition to the excellent support we provide to our clients. This chatbot will now be solving quick queries of your candidates if they face issues while taking an assessment on desktop or laptop. Candidate experience seeks no compromise, and we’re here to provide your candidates with the best. 


Virtual Interviews - Feature Enhancement

The new Live interview enhancements bring you features for super effective communication with candidates. Now in a live session, you can share screen, view candidates solving a question in real-time, chat one-on-one with candidates or panel, and view all participants in a grid view.

With this update, we’ll remind you to unmute the mic if you forget to unmute before speaking!


360° Test Environment Check

Introducing Environment test in which candidates are prompted to record ceiling, worktable, and 360° video of the room in which they are attending the assessment. This test, along with other Proview features, ensures candidates are attending assessment in a safe environment. 

The pre-check features of Talview Proview Proctoring are supported on:
  • Mobile
  • iPad
  • Web

Watermarks To Prevent Content Theft

A watermark is added to the candidate's test page to manage test content theft.

Each attendee will have a candidate ID which is used as a unique watermark. This will help in reducing the question theft considerably, and make it easier for tracing the source of question leakage. 

The watermark feature is supported on:

  • All Talview Assessments 
  • On the web, iPad, and mobile devices

Calendly integration

Our integration with Calendly will help you schedule interviews in a much better way. You can send an invite with your availability marked on the calendar, from which the candidate can select a slot and confirm his availability, after which the interview will be scheduled. The scheduled interviews can also be marked on your calendars such as Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars, and apps like Zapier. 


Talview exam Plus

Talview Exam Plus is our easy to use enterprise-grade enhanced examination platform that helps you deliver safe and secure exams faster. You can now access 18+ exam formats, author content, proctor exams, get customized reports, and do a lot more, all in one place!

Talview Exam Plus