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Integrate Third-Party Video Applications with Talview

In addition to Talview’s native video interviewing tool, you now have the option to use any third-party video application of your choice for video interviews. With Talview’s integration framework, interviews conducted on third-party video applications will integrate with and seamlessly transfer data and recordings to Talview’s hiring platform. This way, the candidate data, and profile are tracked in Talview and synced to the ATS.  
Initial integration for HackerEarth FaceCode has been completed. Based on your requirements, Zoom, Teams and other prospective applications can be integrated via this framework.  

Proctor Asynchronous and Live Video Interviews

Hiring organizations now have the option to proctor live and asynchronous video interviews.  This includes capturing a candidate’s image and matching that image to a photo ID card. Conduct a 360-degree environment test to reduce external help to candidates during the live interviews.  


Automatic matching of Candidate face and photo ID to reduce impersonation

Reduce candidate impersonation for remote online assessments with Talview's face matching feature, which automatically matches a candidate's face with photo ID card. Any impersonation is detected and flagged, that can be reviewed by the hiring managers. 


Proctor without a language barrier

Make it easier for your candidates to attend proctored sessions in their own language. The Talview Proview remote proctoring product is now available in French and English, and will be available in other languages based on the client’s requirement. 

Multilingual Proctoring

Expanded 24/7 Live Support for Candidates in Live Proctoring session

We are dedicated to providing a smooth test experience and transparent communication for all candidates. In continuation of these efforts, we have added a live chat option available for  Talview Live Proctoring solution. Candidates can now resolve issues quickly by contacting our support team via live chat 24/7. 


Talview Behavioral Insights available in 11 languages

Assess candidates in the language they are most comfortable speaking. In addition to Spanish and Portuguese, TBI is now available in English, Italian, Romanian, and six Indian vernacular languages. 

TBI ESP Portugese