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Resume Screening is Now a Cakewalk

We are happy to announce our new integration to give you an in-house feature to parse and get resume scores. Now with resume scores, screening a pool of applications is easier than ever. You can sort the resume scores and pick the most relevant applications, top listed on our platform.


A Whole New Recruit Mobile App

Recruit mobile app is now even more appealing. We’ve redesigned the recruit mobile app to help you hire candidates in a few simple steps. Use our mobile app now, to experience the fastest way of hiring, at the tip of your fingers.


Candidate Recommendation

TBI report and behavioral fitment index help you find a culture fit candidate.
You can now see the recommended candidate list on the platform to sort candidates based on the TBI report and behavioral fitment index


Enhancements on Recruit Web

You can now assign multiple candidates to a panel at one go for offline interviews. Other enhancements include filtering candidates by section scores and viewing third party assessment scores from within the Talview platform.