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Gauge Candidate Activity with Eye Gaze Monitoring - Beta Release

The beta release of our new feature, eye gaze tracking, is an additional way to invigilate test-takers, where the proctors from exam delivery organizations can manage and review on the back end to determine potential cheating. This is an optional flag amongst various event flags predetermined by the organization for test integrity and fairness.

Eye Gaze monitoring

Talview Behavioral Insights – Mid way prompt ​

When a candidate submits answers without speaking for enough time, our system prompts candidates to give descriptive answers in one-way video interviews which ensures better accuracy of the behavioral insights. 

TBI mid way check mockup

Enhanced User Experience for Pre Interview Network Quality Test

With a redesigned UI and increased functionality, the pre-interview network quality test has been upgraded for a better user experience, making it easier for candidates to conduct a network test and attend the interview without any issues.

Network check

Event Management Enhancement in Live Proctoring ​

The latest enhancement brings an easier way to upload and manage proctors and candidate data. Now upload candidates, add, remove, and reassign proctors easily with the new update.

Live proctoring event creation