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Read-Only Access to Recruit app

To give more control over who can edit the assessments, introducing the “Read-only access” feature. With this feature, the admin will choose actions performed by each person who is using the Talview platform and make sure assessments remain safe and unedited.


Section Re-Invite

Candidates who face external inconveniences might need a second chance to attend the assessment again. Reinvite feature enables this by allowing to invite candidates to the same section again. Reinviting will erase the previous data and the candidate can give the assessment once again.


Assessment Workflow Freeze

Now when an assessment gets published or candidates are added to the assessment, a few attributes get frozen and workflow cannot be changed. This helps recruiters to assess the candidates with the same evaluation parameters and get a consistent report of candidates that is easier to compare.


Multi-Language Support in Recruit

What’s more convenient than using an app in your native language?

With the latest update, the Talview Recruit app is available in Italian language. You can switch the language in one single click. 

We’re bringing more languages to the app soon. Stay tuned!


TBI for Hindi Speaking Candidates

Based on organization configuration now Talview Behavioral Insights reports are available for the candidates answering in Italian, Romanian, and Hindi along with the default language English. The TBI report will be available in English, Italian, or Romanian languages, while candidates can speak in either Hindi, English, Romanian or Italian language. 


Disable Copying Content in the Candidate Web App

In an attempt to clear assessments, candidates find various hacks and are tempted to cheat during assessments. One major hack is copying questions from the assessment and searching for answers online. With the new feature, candidates will not be able to copy anything from the platform as we’ve disabled copying content while taking the assessment. 

Disable copying content in candidate web app