Download the Guide, “The Science Behind Talview Behavioral Insights”

An “all you need to know” guide to get started with TBI.

Leverages Psycholinguistics

Talview Behavioral Insights is the world’s first job competency report that leverages psycholinguistics to analyze candidate response.

Uses Video and Textual Input

The Talview Behavioral Insights also employs tone analysis and emotion recognition of the candidate’s video interviews apart from textual inputs.

Tailored Reports

Talview Behavioral Insights reports can be customized to fit the nuances for each of the organization’s needs.

Talview Behavioral Profile
to Know Your Candidates better

TBI Benefits

Eliminates Additional Steps

TBI report is generated from a video interview conducted during a regular interview process. Hence it eliminates the need for the candidate to take an additional behavioral assessment and saves the logistics associated with it.

Eliminate Faking of Responses

Knowing socially accepted answers help candidates fake MCQ-based psychometric tests effortlessly and this reduces the accuracy of the behavioral analysis using such techniques. TBI engine analyses the subtext of their video or written response to the interview questions which cannot be faked by candidates easily.

Auto-Calibrating Capabilities

TBI has inherent learning capabilities which enables it to calibrate the reporting to suit the requirement of client organization and even specific teams within the organization. This helps to understand whether the candidate’s behavioral profile matches the organization’s cultural DNA.

Natural Language Processor

TBI analyzes candidate’s natural responses in spoken language to build a behavioral profile of the candidate which is a more accurate representation of candidate’s behavior than how he or she responds to questions by selecting a choice amongst multiple choices offered in traditional assessments.

Build 3X Better Teams, 4X Faster


Talent Acquisition

  • Faster Hiring : ~12-20 Days
  • Better On-job Performance, competitive advantage
  • More informed decision making
  • Streamlined,Transparent Process
  • Cohesive Teams leading to good work culture

Talent Management

  • Better On-job Performance, competitive advantage
  • Increased Individual and Project/Team Productivity
  • Streamlined, Transparent Process
  • Configurable Workflows for Different Business Needs
  • Better Productivity Leading to Higher Revenue