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Recruitment Chatbot

Talview's Recruitment Chatbot helps you have an interactive conversation with your candidates in natural language using artificial intelligence and handles the majority of your routine tasks and frequently asked job questions.

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Q-ton - Your Digital Assistant

Talview’s Recruitment Chatbot, Q-ton, eases your recruiters' burden by being a real-time digital assistant for all candidate queries and questions. There is also a recruiter bot that helps you screen resumes, send assessment invites, schedule interviews, and create assessments.


Save time spent manually answering job and company questions


Record chat sessions to spot trends in job seeker queries


Start a dialogue with great candidates you might otherwise miss

Chatbot Features

Improve Your Quality of Hire

Attract high-quality candidates directly from your careers page. With Talview’s Recruitment Chatbot, you're sure to engage with the best candidates as the chatbot screens the resumes of all interested candidates who engage with Q-ton and ranks the best-fit ones. You can choose to follow up with the best candidates and filter out irrelevant applicants to make your recruitment process easier.

Recruitment Chatbot

Give Personalized Responses to Queries

Organizations that hire more than 500 candidates a year are often inundated with incoming applications and queries. Talview's Recruitment Chatbot can answer the queries in a personalized way, adding value to your brand image. The system provides a ticket management system for elaborate queries allowing you to centrally track all of your queries from various channels, which the bot understands and then improves on the responses based on previous dialogue.


Deploy in Multiple Channels

Talview's Recruitment Chatbot can be integrated with multiple platforms, including social media outlets to answer candidate queries and create tickets. The widget can be embedded on web pages such as career portals and career pages to assist candidates in finding suitable job roles.


Suitable Candidates For Suitable Jobs

Don't fret about inaccurate candidate applications to your job vacancies. Talview's Chatbot starts a conversation with your candidates, suggests suitable jobs according to their skills and qualifications, and leads them to the assessment for that role. It's an all-in-one recruitment chatbot that will screen your candidates and also suggest other suitable roles apart from the ones they came looking for.


Advantages with Recruitment Chatbots


Always available

Never lose a potential candidate over unattended queries. Candidate chatbot solves simple candidate queries in natural language 24*7.



For complex and detailed queries, the system automatically raises a ticket for the recruiter to resolve it, saving time for only in-depth queries.


Recruiter Chatbot

There is also a recruiter chatbot, available for recruiters only on their dashboard if they need assistance on how to use the assessments.



Provide your candidates with a great and smooth experience, which in turn, improves your employment brand.



Run your recruitment process on auto-pilot by letting the chatbot do the majority of the work for you.



These chatbots can be integrated into your email and other social media handles for easy access.

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Candidate scores are authenticated through 100% automated cognitive remote proctoring.


Unified Experience

Multi-section workflows accommodate the most demanding candidate processes



Advanced interface branding provides a positive brand impression at every step.



Round-the-clock support gives recruiters and candidates help through phone, chat, and email.



Top assessment content & HR tech functionality are a click away for added benefits.



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