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Remote Hiring Trends for 2021







About the Survey

With Covid-19 accelerating every organization's transformation to remote work, we wanted to explore the key trends talent leaders and recruiting teams expect to see in 2021. The survey was conducted over three weeks in November and the response we received was amazing! We want to thank all of the respondents for their time. Enjoy reviewing the survey results below.

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Executive Summary

right-arrow (4)80% of respondents said their interviewing and hiring process is now fully remote.

right-arrow (4)79% of respondents believe remote hiring can help improve diversity in their organizations.

right-arrow (4)The top two obstacles to hiring more remote employees were an organization's mentality that in-person workers are more effective (38%) and hiring managers wanting local candidates (36%).

right-arrow (4)Only 29% of organizations are currently using Candidate Net Promoter Score surveys. Yet 30% of these organizations say their scores have improved during the pandemic.

right-arrow (4)IT, Management, Sales & Marketing, and Operations & Finance roles lead the way in remote work prevalence.

right-arrow (4)73% of organizations are satisfied with how remote work is going so far, while 75% feel satisfied with remote work technologies.

right-arrow (4)Regarding adopting new remote hiring technologies, respondents said they plan to increase their use of these tools:

  • 39% More Video Interviewing

  • 13% More Online Technical Skills Assessments

  • 12% More Online Soft Skills Assessments

  • 44% More Interview Coaching & Analytics Tools

  • 94% More Virtual Event Platforms

  • Other answers included Interview Scheduling and Recruitment Marketing

right-arrow (4)

Looking to the future, respondents hoped for more innovations in these areas:

  • Better Recruiting Chatbots

  • Better Screening Assessments

  • More All-In-One Platforms

  • Better Interview & ATS Integrations

  • Other answers included better Hiring Collaboration and Post-Offer Engagement tools

Breaking Geographic Barriers and Diversifying Talent


Do You Think You Could Find Better Talent if You Were Not Limited to Candidates Within Commuting Distance of Your Offices?

"Currently our inside sales and software development teams are the only ones who need to be within commuting distance, but it does pose challenges"

“It might be but distance is not the case. It helps us to attract more candidates and give us to have opportunity to get the potential one”

PT Nestle Indonesia



We already source globally

This is not a limit for us



What Does it Mean for Your Company to be Truly Global?

  • Serving all patients from all nationalities - understanding their cultures and practices
  • Global mindset: "We build globally, and live locally"
  • Employees and products in all corners of the world
  • To have the resources, the team and the systems be able to delight customers worldwide
  • Strong presence in all parts of the world - with a diverse and inclusive company culture
  • We have both a physical and technological presence in dozens of countries globally This means multilingual, multicultural
  • Every employee are treated right and just irrespective of race, color,location,religion and that is what makes Amazon a highly valued global organization
  • My organisation’s model and activities can be implemented anywhere
  • The clinical protocols we develop are implemented as the standard of cancer care world-wide
  • Being people-first company!
  • Same global policies across and local management
  • Being open to employing from all over the country
  • Taking calls with candidates in all parts of the world adjusting your schedule to accommodate a reasonable time for both parties
  • Multinational employees, customers, and workstreams
  • The ability to service customers in every possible corner of the world and not just major cities
  • Giving an opportunity to the employee for International exposure
  • Diverse cultures at work and a lot of collaboration, dependencies, and synergies between people in all locations
  • Having access to all kinds of customers, leveraging synergies while highlighting local differences
  • Consistent delightful employee and customer experience in every country
  • A company feels people are their real assets


What are Your Primary Obstacles to Expanding Hiring Beyond Your Local Region?

“Other facilities like transportation can be saved if hired locally and also people travelling long distance sometime not preferred”

L&T Construction Machinery Limited

“We do have both remote opportunities and brick and mortar - it's client preference”


“None - we are 100% remote and hire candidates in Australia Canada, Columbia,Singapore, the UK and the USA”


Hiring managers want local candidates

Organizational mentality that in-person teams perform better than remote

We only hire in regions where we have customers

Our specific work requires servicing customers in person

Compensation and legal factors


Do You Think You Could Increase Diversity in Your Organization if You Were Not Limited to Candidates Within Commuting Distance of Your Offices?


Remote Hiring and


Is Your Interviewing and Hiring Process Fully Remote Now?



What Positions are You Hiring Remotely?


Sales and Marketing

Technical/ Engineering

Operations and Finance


Customer Success



Has Your Hiring Strategy Changed Since the Pandemic? If So, What are You Doing Differently?

  • Virtual interviewing and events; moved to one-time interview to hire as opposed to multiple interviews when possible
  • We have gone to 100% remote in most markets. There are challenges as some countries still legally require wet signatures on employment contracts.
  • Taking couple of technical rounds to evaluate candidates followed by live interactive problem/scenarios based evaluation
  • Moved complete virtual. Being more flexible with candidates that are applying for roles
  • Online Interviewing, Remote New Employee Orientations and reviewing which positions could be remote instead of onsite to help open talent options
  • We have more positions that can be 100% remote. We are expanding our sourcing across the U.S. and other countries. We are also asking our hiring managers to consider a wider reach.
  • No background check or drug screening
  • We are doing Video Interviews and holding virtual information sessions
  • More video interviews and using a Values alignment test
  • We're investing into a multimillion global TA transformation initiative across people, process, systems and data
  • Much more virtual interviews, less travel, teams meetings, virtual career fairs, navigating COVID standards for onsite interviews, etc.
  • More flexible to remote workers restricted to the reporting country. We are now open to candidates in different cities and not just the city where we have a physical office
  • Hiring teams have adopted flexible and collaborative approaches to rebuild their recruitment strategy, keep the lights on and the business moving forward
  • Virtual HR Interview, Virtual Panel Interview, E-signature on the contract agreement, Online assessment, Video Interview
  • Exploring and Implementing new tools and techniques for better candidate experience and virtual onboarding process, and continuous communication
  • The pandemic has caused our talent pool to be enticed by factors we've never dealt with before. I'm adapting to those.
  • Trying new ways to better filter the candidates at HR screening Level
  • We are hiring via video more often than before the pandemic

Remote Hiring and the Candidate Experience


Do You Currently Administer Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS) Surveys?



Have Your Candidate Satisfaction Scores Improved or Declined?



Has Your Candidate Experience Strategy Changed Since the Pandemic? If So, How?

  • Still working through long-term plans, but very focused on ensuring virtual interviews are a positive experience with the panel and technology
  • We've launched many initiatives facilitating virtual candidate engagement
  • We make the candidate experience as digitally fluid as possible - we have relaunched our Work from Home site and improved the process of Initial system assessment for the candidates
  • We switched from onboarding and follow-up meetings and interviews being in person to being done via Zoom
  • Yes, Day 1 onboarding is completely virtual & employee equipment is timed to arrive at their house day before start date
  • We’re doing more on social media and really building our brand - giving a picture into our company and culture
  • Internships as a pathway to being a new hire is on hold due to internship cancellations. We’ve added more videos of hiring managers on our career site
  • Yes- we are actively investing in improving our Brand, Attraction, and Reputation
  • Our process is more streamlined and shorter now and it is easier conducting panel interviews
  • It is still difficult to assess the psychological make-up of a candidate
  • We’re more in tune with accessibility to our systems and we have more communication with candidates regarding the systems
  • Virtually it’s hard to understand someone's zeal to work and body language, so we’re looking into ways to improve here
  • We’re doing more online interviews
  • We’re coach candidates on virtual interview and what to expect for remote work

Remote Hiring and the Recruiter Experience


On a Scale of 10 to 1, How Satisfied or Unsatisfied are You With Remote Work?








What did You Think About Remote Hiring Before the Pandemic?

  • I've worked remotely before so it wasn't much of a change, but not being able to interview candidates in-person is a challenge. They aren't able to experience our organization's culture or environment.
  • My philosophy is you hire talent first - the technology is there to support the work. I have worked remotely for twenty years.
  • I've worked in sales recruiting, which is almost always remote hiring. At one time, we were flying final candidates in for last interviews, but I convinced leaders that it wasn't necessary and encouraged other options.
  • I’ve wanted to try it but our company was not always supportive
  • Best option for many positions, workable option for most positions
  • Unsure of how successful it would be
  • Over the past few months, we've explored how Covid-19 has made us rethink, reimagine, and rewrite the rules of the workplace
  • I love the ability to attract from anywhere in the country, which automatically increases our diversity of experience and thought

Remote Hiring and Work


On a Scale of 10 to 1, How Satisfied or Unsatisfied are You With Technologies that Facilitate Remote Work?








What did Your Remote Hiring Stack Look Like Prior to the Pandemic?

Video Interviews

Online Technical Skills Assessments

Recruiting Automation

Online Soft Skills Assessments

Interview Coaching & Analytics

Virtual Event Platforms



Post Pandemic, Which Technologies Do You Plan on Using More

Video Interviews

Online Technical Skills Assessments

Recruiting Automation

Online Soft Skills Assessments

Interview Coaching & Analytics

Virtual Event Platforms



What Remote Hiring Technology Do You Wish You Had Available?

Of those who answered (53%), the most common themes were: