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Now Capture Candidate’s Test Window Screen

An addition to our robust proctoring tool, we now have screengrab, a feature that captures screenshots of a candidate's test window at a regular interval. This will enable auditing of candidate’s screen both in AI proctoring and Live proctoring platform. 

This empowers organizations to,

  • Examine the actions performed by the candidates throughout the session.

  • Identify the rules that are violated by the candidates.

  • Add a flag in real-time invigilation during Live Proctoring.


Talview Behavioural Insights(TBI) for Indian Vernacular Languages

Now let your candidates speak in any of the below-mentioned 6 Indian regional languages and get a TBI report in English! With the addition of Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Gujarati languages, we are extending our support to more languages for Talview Behavioural Insights. 

This adds ten languages for TBI, with Hindi, English, Italian, and Romanian languages already available. TBI helps you understand the candidates intuitively for effective hiring. Click here to know more about this one-of-a-kind feature.


Talview Secure Browser for Non-Talview Assessments

With the extension of Talview Secure Browser for Non-Talview Assessments, we have a secure browser for all assessments on Talview, including any third-party assessments such as HackerEarth, Speak now, and more! 

Now use Talview Secure Browser on both Windows and Mac systems for all assessment types and formats on talview. 


Here’s an Important Update on Data Retention Policy

We have brought a change in the video data lifecycle to achieve all of the videos on the platform, which were created at least 90 days ago.

The Proview processed videos, Live processed videos, and Async processed videos will be archived. Any retrieval request of those videos will take at least two business days, after which the videos can be accessed by the user.

If the video you are looking for is archived, click here to raise a ticket to retrieve the video.


Improved Test-Taking Experience on The App!

After listening to concerns from candidates, we’ve removed the feature where candidates had to tap on the screen to view the question. Now candidates can see questions and answer space on the same screen. We’ve also added a question progress bar for candidates to take a quick glance and keep track of their progress.

ui_improv (1)-1

Watermark and Environment Check Now on Mobile App

360° environment check and watermark features on Talview Candidate mobile apps will ensure a secure test-taking experience while keeping away chances of question paper theft even when candidates are using mobile phones to attend the assessments.


Candidates Can Attend Multimedia Questions and Third-Party Assessments Even on Mobile

The mobile app now also supports all types of multimedia questions, including audio, video, and image-based questions. The multimedia questions can be included in any assessment sections or even the asynchronous interview section. Even third-party assessments such as IKM, Psymetrics, etc. are now supported on the Talview candidate mobile app.

assmt_ui (1)

Talview Secure Browser Is Now Available for MAC As Well!

Your high-stakes exams are fully secure on the Talview platform with an effective combination of Talview Secure Browser and Talview proctoring tool. Talview Secure Browser, which was previously available on Windows laptop/desktop, is now available on MacBook and iMac. A double-check for secure high stake exams.  


Talview Candidate Mobile App in More Languages

Talview Candidate mobile app is powered with two more languages - Spanish and Portuguese. Candidates can now use the app in English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.