Talview Video Assessment platform is industry's first adept, multi-faceted, enterprise solution which can take care of a multitude of hiring requirements.

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Automated Video Interview

Talview Automated Interview tool helps organisations to screen more candidates using video interviews rather than traditional and tedious process. Applications effortless and intuitive user interface, enable employers and candidates to have a seamless interviewing experience.

Live Interview

Talview Live Interview tool allow recruiters and candidates to connect seamlessly for a one-on-one interaction. Enabling recruiters and candidates the flexibility of time and convenience. Live Interviews online will also help recruiters to invite only the shortlisted candidates.

Video Proctored Assessment

Talview Video Proctored Written Assessment provides a platform for the candidates to showcase their talent and knowledge within a specified time. Written Assessments are remotely proctored through video to ensure the authenticity and it also records the live feed.

Code Evaluation

Talview Code Evaluation tool help recruiters to identify and choose the best developers by providing a complete platform to test the true coding or programming skills in a proctored environment. The code evaluation incorporates code test, programming test, etc.

Talent Engagement

Talview Talent Engagement platform provides you with tools to engage candidates during and after the assessments through a variety of options. Incorporating employer branding, talent acquisition and management, that help employers to engage top talents.

New Talview Talent Insights

Talview Talent Insights is a new add-on to the talview suite; it brings on the power of advance data science and machine learning algorithms to find the perfect candidate with zero to little efforts. For recruiters and line manager's alike.


Automated or live interview, Talview's tailor-made apps are best-in-class and effortless for candidates on the run. Automated video interview app lets candidate showcase the best, irrespective of where they are. Available on both Android and iOS.