Talview is one of the pioneers and leaders in technology based hiring assessments. Each of the tools we have built leverages the latest of technologies like video, mobile, internet and analytics giving our customers the best of productivity and user experience. Our clients include major Engineering MNCs, leading Information Technology companies, Pharmaceutical Majors, global Non-profit Organizations and fast growth Early Stage companies.

Reliable and Secure

Talview is delivered through a scalable cloud computing platform with high availability and dependability powered by some of the world's best cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer and Rackspace. Protecting the security and privacy of our customers' data has been a priority for Talview from day one. The critical data in our databases are stored in secured format, with 128bit encryption being used extensively for long term data storage.

Video interview applications are unique from the perspective of how usage happens. A significant percent of the users are candidates who are not trained and are outside the corporate setup. It is very critical for the application to be simple and intuitive. At the same time it should be fully functional across platforms and versions as one cannot control how the candidate use them. Talview has achieved this by making every single aspect of the application built for multi-platform support and ensuring that the user interface is consumer grade. And the fact that it is visually appealing and easy to maintain make your work also much more efficient.

Design Methodology

Our design methodology is such that any of the common tasks can be accomplished with minimum navigation and clicks. Our product development team takes extreme care to ensure that you get all the required functionality across platforms i.e mobile, tablet or desktop. The idea is also keep it very simple and intuitive so that all the users will love every moment they spent using Talview.

Always be on the latest version

Talview is a pure SaaS application and you will never have to worry about complex upgrades that cause disruptions or downtime . All our upgrades are managed in such a way that it doesn't affect your operations. User training of upgrade will rarely be required. You can adopt new features on your own timelines. This greatly reduces the cost and effort for updates/upgrades, and allows your IT staff to focus on projects that drive your organization forward.
Today's HR applications need to be very robust because they are being used across geographies within an organization. Coming to interview or online assessment platforms the expectation are much higher because there is a significant dependence on local infrastructure in each geography. Talview has a significant advantage here being the pioneers in Asia where we have significant expertise in operating within lot of constraints which are present locally in each geography and at high scale.

Ability to handle low speed intermittent internet

Talview is significantly superior to competition in handling low speed intermittent internet which exists in many countries given our experience in operating in such constraints at high scale. Unlike other IT applications interview or online assessment platforms are used by candidates who are outside the corporate walls and one cannot control the environment where the candidate takes up the assignment.

Operate at high scale

The volume of candidates giving assessments on the platform changes significantly based on nature of operations. In countries like India, Philippines and China where outsourced operations are manpower intensive the interview application should operate at much higher scale than traditional operations. Talview has the ability of to handle thousands of candidates appearing for the assessment simultaneously without any performance deterioration which very few of our competitors can match.
Smarter Are you aware which panel member is most efficient, which assessment methodology is most effective, which is the best way to filter applicants based on candidate performance in interviews? Making important decisions based on gut feeling is no way to conduct business. That’s why our suite of enterprise applications allows you to easily collect and use data for fact-based decision-making when you are looking to improve the hiring process, design assessments, review recruiter performance or select sourcing channels.

Big Data

Talent is most critical resource for organizations today but the data which you need to ensure that you get the best is not being captured in any of your systems. Talview generates more than 25000 data points during assessments which can be used to transform the way you hire. Talview allows you to easily combine structured and unstructured data to get a complete picture of your hiring by integrating with Applicant Tracking Systems, Human Resource Management Systems and Social channels. This “big data” can be explored to reveal meaningful information that was previously unavailable or too time consuming to uncover and actionable analytics will improve the productivity of your recruiters multifold and enable much better, more informed decisions.


Speed is very critical in today's world for the business to remain relevant. Talview helps you do that in Talent Management. While consumer technology is improving in leaps and bounds it is very important for you to stay at the same pace so that candidates appreciate you. At Talview our continuous effort is to bring the latest in technology to Talent Acquisition and we do that at a pace which is not matched by any of our competition.